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Lesson of the Day

Nice find! What a bunch of homos in the background, preferring to watch the guy’s ugly squatting!

I love the guys curtsey squats with his puffy pad and gloves. But chicks got chucks and a bar, all you need

I have my own charity where I volunteer to lie between a woman’s legs while she squats and I have rings at different intervals on my cock to make sure she is getting proper depth.

Wow, that was amazing. Funny part is the wanker in the background doing quarter squats with what looks like the same amount of weight on the bar.

+1 for the girls.

^^pretty sure the guy in the background was half squatting 215 or 225 (a 45 a 35 and i cant tell if its a 10 or 5 on there?)

but yeah… I didnt notice the guys in the background till i read some of the posts in here

Would smash.

Here. This was in ‘related videos’…