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Lesson Learned - How NOT to Refill T


Scene - Walgreen's

So I saunter in to get my Rx refilled. I was in the area and didn't call first. Pharmacist (not tech) assists me, but refuses my request and tells me I'm not due for a refill until late October/ early November. I mention that previously I had no problem getting the refill at about 10 weeks. She said that the "DEA is really cracking down".

I go home and call in the refill to the Walgreens down the street. Went thru the drive thru and got the "contraband" seamlessly.



Hahahahaha - was it a pharmacy tech?

I sometimes worry about society as a whole. The world is a collective dunce!


Yes, my successful obtainment was from a tech. Another interesting thing, my Rx says there is "quantity 10", even though I could conceivably get 20 uses from a single vial. I have been working out for 14 years and while I don't believe I've REALLY reached my genetic potential, I am able to gain more muscle on 240+ than say 100-160mg weekly.

My pattern lately has been using the T at a higher dose for about 4 weeks, then more moderate. For however much reality there is in that Pharmacist's claim that the "DEA is cracking down", I REALLY REALLY REALLY don't like the idea of the feds governing how much hormone I inject - shit, I could decide I wanted to become a woman and start getting estro hormones - it's none of their fucking business. I could go on and transition my discussion to other pharmaceuticals and drugs, but I'm not right now =)