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Less Testosterone is More

Interesting article

I have a few questions on the back of it if anyone knows.

I take it once the newbie gains are made you reach a ceiling and only way to break through is to increase the dose? I can’t imagine you make continual excess gains on same dosage? Maybe you still gain more than a natty but rate slows?

The tl;dr version is this: if you’re taking trt doses you will eventually hit your ceiling, which should be theoretically higher but within close proximity to what your ceiling would be naturally. If you’re using enough testosterone to be supraphysiological for any meaningful period of time then you’ll gain over and above that ceiling. But again, you’ll eventually run up against a dose-dependent limit. But what I just described can take a decade or more to play out. So use the minimum effective dosage for as long as possible.

Does not apply to professionals/competitors whose demands are far beyond the normal gym rat and who are seemingly a different species than the rest of us


Thanks for the reply

I often tell people the best “PED” I’ve ever been on was sleep. Getting proper sleep makes such a HUGE difference. I was also accustomed to 4-5 hours sleep every night for about 10-12 years. Once the “pandemic” lockdown occurred, I actually started sleeping more because I no longer had to commute and I didn’t get up at 0300 to go to the gym because it wasn’t open.

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