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Less Testicular Shrinkage on Daily Injections

I switched to every day injections about 10 weeks ago. I stopped hcg and I inject 25mg cypionate daily. So far, I like the results. Libido is better and energy is good.

One thing I noticed is that when I used to inject twice a week(every 3.5 days) I’d have noticeable testicular shrinkage. That was the reason I wanted the HCG as to counteract it. Now on daily injections, I seem to not have nearly the shrinkage I used to. I barley notice it actually.

Has anyone else noticed this effect of daily injections?

I doubt it. Injection frequency would not matter here. On TRT, GnRH is suppressed. Therefore, FSH and LH are shut down and the testicles will not produce testosterone or sperm (at least not as much sperm) and without this stimulus, they atrophy. This would not change relative to the TRT protocol frequency or delivery method.

As for testicular atrophy, for some it is significant. For others, it is not noticeable at all.

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More frequent injections = usually less estrogen.

Estrogen is what causes ur nuts to shrink, due to HPTA feedback.

So, since I upped my T dose, and dropped the AI, my E2 will be higher. So how much you wanna bet that my nuts don’t shrink?

Usually less estrogen when? In what context?

Someone that does once a week and test at trough is likely going to have lower estrogen levels than someone on daily injections. If the once a week guy tested at peak they could have higher estrogen than the daily guy but that still doesn’t equal “usually less estrogen on daily injections”. The point of daily injections is to keep levels as close to the same as possible which means higher than trough but lower than peak. If someone goes from less frequent injections to doing daily injections thinking they are keeping estrogen lower they are going to be pissed when the lab results come in.

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Do you think taking 200mg test a week, with a trough level of 1000, and taking 0.5mg anastrozole three times a week, with a trough E2 level of <15 would prevent testicular atrophy?

I think the answer is no……. :slight_smile:

But what I’m thinking is the bigger doses twice a week would have a higher peak causing more testicular atrophy… due to your body saying I have so much T floating around, I don’t need anymore

Having the daily injections would make the peak lower and maybe causing less atrophy. That’s Bro Science right there!!!

When using exogenous testosterone, even a very low dose will shut down endogenous production. Once you cross the line and shut down GnRH, higher test does not matter.

I was really just curious to see equel’s explanation to that hypothetical scenario.