Less of a Pump as You Get Older?

As I am getting older i am getting less of a pump. Is this a lack of blood flow problem. Or is it something else.

How old are we talking about?

im 34

I look forward to coach Thibaudeau’s answer. Being 48 y.o. I can’t say this has ever been an issue. Obviously, you will get a better pump properly fueled with carbs and fluid, doing more pump oriented reps and certainly with great supplementation like citrulline-malate (not forgetting Plazma or Surge).

What is your own thoughts re cause of less pump?

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You gotta be kidding right? There is absolutely no aging-related thing that would have happened at that age that would negatively impact a pump.

I’m not disputing that your pumps aren’t as good as they once where. But, seriously man, 34 is not anywhere close to being old.

Now what could happen are lifestyle changes. If you have more stress then when you were young, yeah, vasodilatation (and thus the pump) can be negatively impacted (adrenaline is a vasoconstrictor).

Due to nutritional or other factors you might be producing less nitric oxide, which would lead to less vasodilatation and lower pumps. A sign of that would be weaker erections.

It is also possible that your testosterone levels are lower. While at 34 it is normally too early to have low testosterone levels, in our modern society, low testosterone seems to affect males younger and younger.

Poor cardiovascular health is another possible issue.


Thanks coach. it is always a privledge speaking to the master.

i feel like my skin does not tighten up like it use to

You’re overthinking stuff again, dude.

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I would tend to agree

“Overthinking” seems to be one of the most common problems considering training. I, myself am proven guilty on several occasions.