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Less Nutritious Than 50 Years Ago


In a story in the news last week, Donald Davis, a biochemist at the University of Texas, studied the drop in nutrient content of today's fruits and vegetables compared with those of 50 years ago.

He observed today's faster-growing plant varieties have less nutrient density, so people will have to eat more fruits and vegetables to compensate.



Dead soil= dead plants.
I try to eat organic vegetables and fruit because it is grown in soil that isn't depleted and still contains fulvic acid.Look up this important mineral.It's very interesting to learn about.


And still all the FDAs in every country tell the lie to the population that you can get all you vitamins and minerals with a knife and fork.


Well, considering some of those profiles are made for a 150lbs sedentary male whose "exercise" consists of breathing, blinking and supersets of nose picking, it might be understandable.


" Davis said he doesn't want his study to encourage people to stop eating vegetables on the grounds they lack nutrients.

"That's completely wrong," he said, contending his study shows that people need to eat more vegetables and fruits, not less. "Vegetables are extraordinarily rich in nutrients and beneficial phytochemicals. They are still there, and vegetables and fruits are our best sources for these." "


I had to drop the nose picking, I hear overtraining can ruin gains.