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Less Mind-Muscle Connection in Right Lat

Those of you who do one arm rows, do you notice a stronger contraction in one side than the other? When I do one arm rows, My left side contracts much harder than the right side. And I feel it the next day more so than in the right side. And as a result, my left side sticks out more than the right side when I do a lat spread. The funny thing is Im right side dominant on every other exercise except this one.

Any thoughts on how to get the right up to par not only with muscle development but also with mind-muscle connection?

one side is most likely stronger than the other

The funny thing is I can still bang out more reps with the right side.

I have the same problem. I think it has something to do with my technique. I can also lift more reps with my right side, even though I feel more of a connection with the left side. I am guessing since I am right-side dominant, this side has gotten used to using leverages and other muscles to assist with pretty much everything, while the left side is left with using mainly the lats.

If there is a noticeable size difference between the two sides, you could try going ahead and pumping out more reps with the right instead of keeping the number of reps even, or focus on going slower on the right side and focusing on the connection by comparing it to how you row with the left.

To more two-handed movements with lower weights for a while, and flex your lats (especially your right lat) for a minute at least 10 times every day. That worked for me when I lacked mind-muscle connection in my left lat compared to my right lat.

are you feeling more fatigue in the right biceps muscle after rows, compared with your left with the same load?
Interesting test…
Stand next to a wall facing sideways. back of hand against the wall. reach up as high as you can. You mark it or have someone else mark it. repeat on other side. Note if there is a difference.

My left hand’s grip is noticeably weaker than my right’s.

I have trouble holding the dumbbell on the last couple reps when I do heavy rows on the left side.

Due to this fact I only chalk my left hand, it looks odd, but it works.

In your case I think given sufficent time with the dumbbell work it will even out, big compounds, aka deads, etc will help, they will stimulate lat growth without specifically isolating the lats.

I have the same issue but it’s my left that ‘looks’ like it’s lagging

I’ll try that flexing it hard 10 times a day thing

I have this problem with my triceps. My right tricep gets the ‘pump’ far easier than my left… and it is seriously like a half inch bigger than my left tricep. Completely embarassing… and I can’t seem to get the same feeling in my left tricep as much as I try.

This seems to be a problem for many, and not just one muscle group.

I suppose practicing the lat flex is the best thing for now, as well as kind of “maintaining” my left side while banging out more reps with the right side.

Thanks guys for the help!

If anyone else has anything to say, please don’t hesitate.