Less Fat, More Tone

Ok i’m 25 ,5’10", 190lbs and my goal is to get to 175 to 180 of muscle. I don’t want to pack on huge muscles, but i don’t want to be just ripped. Want some muscle with good definition (a beach body i guess) and have good strength. Like Brad Pitt in fight club but a little bigger and not as ripped (cause i won’t get there). Suggestions as to routines. Haven’t worked out in a while (10 years).

Look for Vroom’s beginner thread in this forum. Should give you plenty to digest and get on your way for both training and diet. Figure out a plan and come back with questions. People will be happy to critique and give advice. I think Waterbury’s ABBH is a great program and good for relative beginners too. But if it’s been 10 years since you’ve worked out it might be overkill. Something else might be better. Maybe a couple full-body workouts a week. Circuit training. 8-12 reps. Two circuits. After about a month, you definitely should be able to choose a T-Nation-speciific program.