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Less Fat, More Carbs. Surprising to Me


dropped a few servings of fat per day and picked up a few servings of carbs and looking leaner and getting stronger....

i always find it fascinating to see how the body reacts to small changes whether its diet or training.


Hey OP,
Jus curious, what kinda changes we talking? 20g of fat or so? And how many carbs did you add? When did you add the carbs? Around the workout window? I enjoy these little details.

Thanks for sharing!


dropped around 45g of fat throughout the day and added around 75g carbs to the first 3 meals of my day. 7:30,10,noon.

granted there is a small calorie difference but i just feel like i need the carbs to grow and "fill up" where as my fats were probably a bit on the high side.


Only a 105 calorie difference, yet its working. I agree with your 1st post, fascinating. Thanks for the details!


What are you're total macros for the day?


Carb intake levels can also affect how your body is using the protein you give it, which can also be making a difference in your physique. When I would diet for contests, I had to consciously go out of my way to get as many carbs as I was on certain days. My protein intake on the other hand, was lower than most newbs who get brainwashed by the muscle magazines would expect.



macro's? i have no idea... i just know what my normal meals are every day

7:20- shake 55g pro, 54g carb, flamout
10am - 3 or 4 whole eggs, 1/2 cup egg whites, either english muffin or 1/4 grits
noon - 12-16oz ground turkey, 1/4 grits or 1/4 steel oats
3pm - 4-8 oz ground turkey, 1 cup egg whites
5:30 (pre workout) 2 finibars, 1/2 cup egg whites
6:30 - peri & post WO (shake) 30-40g pro, 35 carb, 10g bcaa (during, 35g carb)
last meal any where from 8:30-10pm, 8-16oz ground beef (depending on hunger)

i was putting in Natty PB, almonds, and olive oil with most meals.


even though my carb levels are what i consider high... on my big days i might have a few "fun size" pieces of candy/chocolate, lol.


This is something I have wondered about since reading Dave Tate's diet listed here http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/the_dave_tate_project_i

What sort of protein levels do you eat now compared to then?


I would say that my average protein intake during past contest preps was somewhere around 225 - 250g/day. My weight usually around 205 at the start. Obviously it's a far cry from the 400+ grams that some 150 lb beginners think they need to choke down every day in order to build, or preserve, muscle.

Yes, you will find studies and texts supporting that 1-1.25g/lb can support optimal protein synthesis, but once you go beyond a certain point, it's just wasting calories that IMO would be better spent on other nutrients.



A BBer friend of mine found out that he responds much better to a low fat/high carb/med-high protein diet much better than a low carb diet.

I used to do the anabolic diet, but the high fat content of all my meals fucked up my stomach (I have GI issues - mainly that I'm forced to take nexium, which stops all production of stomach acid)... Recently, I've been using a low fat/high carb/med protein as my diet and I'm loving the results. MUCH easier on my stomach, as well.

Anyone using the 'higher carb' diet.... Have you tried incorporating John Meadows' MD glucose dispersal agent or I3G to better utilize the carbs? I just picked up some I3G now that I'm enjoying the higher carb diet.


I used to be a carbaphobe and primarily used fats for my energy. Ever since I incorporated more carbs in my diet and cut down on the fat, I have made gains that I have been missing out on for years. I use a GDA with all carb meals and it has noticeably reduced back fat among other things. I haven't tried I3G though. True Nutrition sells a kick ass GDA.


I've tried various GDAs over the years, but to be honest I think most gave very small benefits if any at all. I tried I3G in 2011 during my America/Hercules prep because I didn't want to miss out on any possible advantage. To be honest, I didn't want to get ahead of myself in terms of expecting miraculous results, but damn if it didn't pay off. Was it a bit pricey? yep. Did I come in big, hard, and shredded and walk away with a pro card? oh yeah. I had already been taking Receptormax when I threw in the I3G, which may have been overkill, but knowing that Stelby was doing the same thing with his prep as well made me feel like I was in good company -lol.

I think that GDAs certainly aren't going to magically fix a poor diet plan, but if other details are in order, and you're not the type who just wings it, I think they have their place.



@ ty:

I agree with you here as I did the same thing. I dropped about 30-40g of healthy fats, increased good carbs a bit and began getting lean. My fats were prob too high. Now there around 25-40g per day somewhere.

@ Mighty:

I'm almost on my last dose of IG-3 ran it full dose for 2 months, then one bottle at the maintenance dose. You know it may have a benefit if diet is right on...something to the effect of adding HOT-ROX into the mix. However part of me wonders about the Placebo effect with it in reality.


I agree about the diet needing to be right on. I wouldn't tell someone with 20% + bf that they will necessarily see physical changes just from adding any supplement (not to say it's not working though), but when you're already leaner, I think you're in a better position to actually discern what's happening.



i fill out and look much better i think on 300+g of carbs per day.... granted i use gear but i stay around 200-250g protein a day as well...

i also find it strange i grow on sub 3k calories when some people talk about 4+k calories... :shrug:


yeah I noticed that as well OP. Focusing more on rice and sweet potatoes (also the carbs in MAG-10 and Plazma), and less on olive oil, nuts, etc.

Really the only fat I have in the day is whatever is in the meat I'm eating, 1/2 a medium avocado, 1/4 cup of nuts, and 4 eggs/coconut oil if I have that particular meal.


things are going stupidly well... filling out... put a 1/4" on arms in 3 weeks waist line looking thin, top 4 abs in and workouts feel great. what else could you ask for?

the more carbs i eat the more i grow... even if its a double egg McMuffin or a donut.... i just need more carbs evidently.


Yep. I've been using Indigo for a week and a half, averaging between 150-200 carbs grams a day (depending on if I workout that day) and in one week, lost .5" off of my waist and in 10 days am down 3 pounds. Crazy!