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Less AAS - More Cosmetic Surgery!


Here's another one from the ban-steroids-but-let-people-go -under-the-knife-for-stupid-things file.

This guy had his abdominal fat sculpted to look like six-pack abs using a special liposuction procedure. This high risk procedure is approved. But AAS, with REAL benefits for male health, remains out of reach. The logic just floors me...


that's $4000-$7000 he could have spent on AAS. or whatever the hell he wanted. This has stupid written on it in so many places that I can't even see what it was supposed to be originally.


This is a bit misleading. The abdominal etching removes both general belly fat and the fat within the crevices of of abdominal depressions. They don't actually sculpt the fat to look like abs; those are his abs. It is still extremely dumb for 99% of the people who get it done. Ripped abs, flabby arms--what a dumbass.


Disgraceful. I would walk around in shame if I ever did that.

No, wait; I would never do something that stupid.


OMG!!!11 what about teh ab-rage??


So what. Its doesn't look that bad. I don't see why you have to hate on the guy.


I think it is stupid for two reasons. First, if his lifestyle afforded him a chubby belly, and his paycheck afforded him abs, his lifestyle will outlast his paycheck and he'll likely develop a chubby belly again. I can see if you put in your hard work and you want that extra edge that you can never seem to get past. The post-photo was a year later, so it seems he did a decent job at keeping the abs.

However, and this is the second issue, it doesn't look like he works out, or at least the amount that he should to get to that point which would deem ab etching "okay." Since he doesn't work out, or look like he does, his arms, back, legs, etc. are quite soft and not muscular, so his abs stick out like a sore thumb. If he were already leaner all-around and this was the extra edge, okay, but I'm hating not so much because he got the procedure done, but because it doesn't match the rest of his body.


Argh, I hadn't looked at the actual article before - but that guy looks retarded. If he's going to get surgery done, it should be WHOLE BODY ETCHING, because those abs look completely out of place.

Reminds me of some old man I saw on tv (at least 60yo) who got just bicep implants. That was it. A wrinkly skinny-fat body, accompanied by shapeless biceps.


That after photo reminds me of the first time I saw a guy with calf implants in the early 90's. Looks about as good as lingerie on a baboon.