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Lesnar Was Tested, Failed

Fighter and the kid episode 168 , apparently Lesnar was tested, tested positive for something they didn’t fine him he said he was taking asthma meds and they let it go. Also Ed o’Neil (married with children dad) on podcast.

Brock Lesnar being on the juice surprises literally noone

Which compound(s) did he test positive for? Any idea?

I think drug in buterol family? ?

What? Not even non-anabolic steroids? I’d be pretty pissed if I were him lol!

Brock Smash!!!

It would be interesting to see what someone like him could do natural, they have footage of him in high school and he was jacked . According to Brendan Schwab, their is some very shady stuff going on in organization. I think buterol drugs are respiratory stimulants with fat burning properties and anti-catabolic properties.

They are and I am shocked that he got busted for that. I mean really, it would not have been too hard to diet down to 265. OR ridiculously easy to just diet down to 275-280 and drop some water.

Shit, if he had been busted for diuretic use, trying to get down in weight, I would not have been surprised. And certainly not surprised if he was busted for steroid use.

Unless he has a documented history of asthma (LOL) there is literally no reason for him to take any of the buterol family except to get a performance boost from the stimulant side come fight time, or just because he was lazy in dropping weight and didn’t want to change any of his diet.

If you really want to see where the drug testing was biased watch the espn special on Ben Johnson, during 88 Olympics, he doesn’t deny use at all, think it’s on Netflix.

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