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Lesnar vs. Velasquez


The time fast approaches where Brock Lesnar will face off against Cain Velasquez. I'd like to hear what the usual players think of this match up.


As usual, rooting for cock-chest to lose via brutal, 5-round beating and finally taking a KO with only seconds left in the final round.


Lesnar via omoplata.


I think Brock will take it.

Cain is skilled and talented as hell...

but so is Brock... except Brock is way bigger.

I think Brock will be too big for Cain to be as effective against.

We shall see though.


Brock, simply because after him weathering carwins storm, i dont think anybody right now and brock as he is can be stopped.

brock keeps getting better and in the end, i cant see the ncaa HW being handled by Cain once they lock up. Cains got great skill and fast hands, but brock still shoots like a welterweight and Cain would need to stuff a guy that very few can.


^ Couture stuffed him (I know he has better wrestling credentials than Cain), I kind of see this as for a lot of the fight since both are superb wrestlers staying standing. I would like to see Cain win as I have become a fan of his, but I just always feel like a jackass picking someone to beat the Vanilla Gorilla.


You feel like a jackass because it just isn't likely that a Gorilla can be beaten by any man. Lol

I wonder what it's like to be Brock... knowing most men could not stand in your way ever unless armed ... in the entire world. Must be nice.


Uhh, you do realize that until he gassed himself Carwin not only stuffed Lesnars takedowns he beat the shit out of him as well, right? I don't think Velasquez is the guy to beat Lesnar. Think we're gonna have to wait for the Carwin/Lesnar rematch. Lesnar's just too big and strong for Velasquez's gameplan. Unless he surprises everyone and knocks him out, but I just don't see that happening.


Yes, I watched this fight.

Carwin is also a Gorilla.


I imagine Brock will take it...

...but I'm rooting for Velasquez.

I think if Velasquez can survive the first round, and the first two min of the second, his superior skills and cardio have a shot at beating Brock's freaky genetics.


I will say Velasquez's conditioning seems to be pretty damn good, so you might be on to something.


Oorah to that.


It won't go the distance. I don't see Brock standing and trading. I predict Brock by 2nd or 3rd round tko (GNP). If it goes longer than that, Cain has a chance to get the submission in the 4th or 5th, or maybe even the KO if BRock gets too tired to hold him down. I mean Brock won't be able to hold Cain down the whole time by any means, but he will sure try. If I were to bet on it, I would definitely place a chunk of change on Brock @ -155 or under. I feel those are pretty favorable odds.

Brock deserves to be the favorite. Who has Cain beat?

Jesse Fujarczyk, Jeremiah Constant, Denis Stojni? (lost to Stephan Struve), = irrelevant.
Jake O'Brien = a 205 pounder
Ben Rothwell = 1 & 1 UFC
An aging Big Nog?


Oh and I forgot to mention that Cain only was able to get a decision against Kongo, whereas Mir recently was able to submit Kongo (and Herring even beat Kongo not too long ago) -- again showing that Cain may not be all he's been built up to be. There is a little circular reasoning there in that Lesnar was only able to decision Herring, but I think that fight showed us a much younger/greener Brock. The Lesnar of late has been on a tear, and was even able (barely) to take the best shot from the UFC's heaviest hands, so what can Cain show him that Couture, Carwin, Mir, etc weren't able to?


MMA math seldom holds up though.

I think Cain's best bet is his faster, crisper hands. I don't think he can KO Brock with a single punch, but if he can keep it standing (which is a big if) long enough I think he'll have a decent chance of beating Brock. He also isn't going to gas like Carwin did.

Still, I think the odds are in Lesnar's favor.


Lesnar has weight and power with him.
Everything else is probably in Velasquez' corner.

I say probably, because we still know very little about Lesnar, the "MMA champion".
(BTW Same with Carwin, against whom some fighters had more ring exposure with one fight!)

Of course the fight will be mainly a question of takedown and takedown defense.

If superheavy Lesnar can take Cain down (the earlier the better for him), he has a good shot, otherwise it's V.'s belt.


Yeah, I'm only trying to show that there's value in a lesnar bet, because IMHO Cain is slightly overrated, and the at the current odds, Brock is worth the money.


Rooting for Brock and I think he will take it. IMO only Carwin and JDS has the skill set to beat Lesnar in the UFC.


Man, I don't see why everyone likes Dos Santos. He beat a disinterested, old CroCop [who actually had him hurt in the 1st round but then stopped fighting?], Roy Nelson, and who else? And just 'cause Werdum subbed Fedor doesn't mean Dos Santos would've ko'd Fedor. I feel like Dos Santos is the most overrated HW in the UFC.


^Probably the fact that the majority of his fights end in 1st round TKO.