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Lesnar vs Carwin UFC 106




Clash of The Titans......


So if Lesnar wins does this put him in the #1 heavy weight spot? Or if he wins does he have to fight the winner of Ben Rothwell vs Cain Velasquez before he is called that.


You gotta beat the king in order to be the king


In order to be the best you have to face the best. As of right now Brock is fighting much better competition.


lol..that's cute.


Most of the heavyweights that Brock has faced are undersized, Carwin's size will play an interesting factor when Lesnar tries to just double leg and g'n'p a submisssion fighter of a greater stature than Mir


Still doesn't change what he said.


Nice avatar...Killeen is in the house.


I am a big Fedor fan but who has he really fought in the passed couple of years that has shown to actually be something? Cro Cop got KTFO'd buy a guy who is know fighting on a under card, And on the 29th we will find out if Nogueira is still relevant. Big Timmy and Arlovski have shown that they are now irrelevant. I should also note that before Arlovski did his little flying knee he was beating Fedor.

Where as Lesnar has now beat the only guy who TKO'd Nogueira, maybe Nogueira was in bad shape like I said on the 29th we will see what he still has in him. Lesnar also beat Couture, and he has shown himself to still be a dominate fighter.

Right now Fedor has the #1 spot, but by not fighting the top competition how can you justify holding it, especially when the guys that gave you your claim to fame are being beaten in the UFC.


Carwin by KO, first round.


If anyone has a chance of stuffing lesnar's takedowns its Carwin. This will be a great fight.


I hate lesnar, but I don't see carwin winning this fight. We'll see. I think somebody's going to get ko'd though.


True, and due to Fedor's decision to not sign with the UFC, should Brock beat Carwin and go on to continue defending his title. I think that eventually you've got to give him the #1 spot.

If he gets beat though, and the HW belt changes hands several times, then I think Fedor will retain the title of world's best HW MMA fighter for a while longer (maybe even until he retires). Even though the competition level in the UFC will be greater than what Fedor is facing.


Pardon my rudeness,but I really don't give a shit about all that. Until Lesnar dominates top contenders in their prime over a lengthy time period(like Fedor)..and/or actually beats Fedor,I don't see Brock as #1 HW in the world.


Dude stop reading Sherdog immediately, Arlovski was winning it was 3 minutes into the fight. This argument is getting old who the fuck cares who is better I just want to enjoy this fight and hopefully see Lesnar get KTFO.


Now what I'd REALLY like to see is Lesnar see if he can fight no-gi. Now that would be some awesome shit.


This is key. But if Brock beats Carwin,you have to really put into consideration the remaining level of competition in the UFC HW division if you're going to critique Fedor's level of competition as well.

There are only maybe 2-3 guys in UFC HW division that can be considered top level competition that exceeds Fedor's level of competition.


Once we get more big/fast/athletic HWs in there from this season of TUF, I think the title will switch hands alot.


Only time I have ever visited sherdog was to get a play by play of a fight, I quickly left to find a better site, Never have read anything on their.