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Lesnar v. Kimbo! Ok, Here We Go


So the idea has come up here of a Lesnar/Kimbo fight. Personally, I'd love to see it. I'd like to see Lesnar lay waste to that overhyped Jabroni.


I think its pointless and will never happen to be honest. Lesner although a relative begginer has proven himself to be more than just a gimmick although deserving of a title shot im not so convinced.

Kimbo on the other hand has been proven to be a nothing more than a cheap and untalented flash in the pan. With Lesner signed with the UFC and looking to have settled in there is no way this fight will happen as Dana White wouldnt wipe his arse with a contract signed by Kimbo.




Tired of hearing about Kimbo. He shouldn't be in the ranks of real fighters.

Go back to fighting bums for nickels in backyards Kimbo.


Did Lesnar every fight Couture or is it coming up?

If not: A 45 year old versus a 31 year old...Randy better bring his A game (which he always does). Lesnar is one brutal MFer!


Nov. 15.
Age is less of a factor that people like to scream about.


True, especially if the younger guy thinks his strength can replace dedication and heart, which RC has more of than just about anybody on the planet. Always been a fan of his.


Ask Kelly Pavlik how much being younger helps.


suffice it to say lesnar v. couture will be a war. but i don't see couture going down if he doesn't want to.


Didn't Pavlik have the flu during that fight?