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Lesnar Sorry


Some of you may have already seen the post fight interview, for those who have not seen it take a look:

Is Lesnar sincere or is this 100% Dana White's influence?



God this is bad timing, I was listening to ESPN radio this morning and all I heard was constant diatribes on how brutal the sport is and how it is taking a turn towards the WWE, ugh. Media sports outlets always fail to mention what incredible athletes these guys are. While they are all over Henderson delivering "unecessary blow" to bisping they fail to mention what a standup guy this is.

All major sports has black eyes and UFC now has their own, two steps forward and maybe three steps back.

Lesnar is a total prick IMO, all fighters , all athletes talk some sort of shit before a match but they usually end it like gentlemen and shake and congratulate, Lesnar pulls a Jack Mcdowell and gives the bird, embarasses his wife and mostly himself.


I think its a little bit of both. Although,I'm sure Dana's main concern was about what he said about Bud Light..


He's married to Sable....she's done more to embarrass herself.


Regardless of how I feel about Lesnar....the media watches MMA(especially the UFC) at all times...just to find something negative. Bad apples do not make a name for any other sport....but the media wants to portray MMA as a sport that thrives on bad apples.

And I like I already said...regardless of my thoughts on Lesnar...I recognize that all sports will have their characters. On a basic level,he's no different than Rampage,Ortiz,Shamrock,Mayhem..etc.

The only difference is that Lesnar is an introvert who doesn't know how to handle the social aspect of being in the MMA limelight. He might be a nice guy...but he's an unstable,man-child that doesn't handle criticism well. But...hey,he's doing what Dana expected from him.


I dont care...

She is still smoking.


Well..I wasn't downing her...just saying how can she be embarrassed by what he said in comparison to the antics she was a part of in the WWE??


should've stuck to his guns, fuck Bud Light


Now you know Dana wasn't going to have that..lol.


I really don't see the problem with his behavior. At least he waited till after he proved him self against Mir to talk shit instead of before like a punk. As far as Bud Lite goes, it's shit beer aways.


Everyone has given Lesnar a hard time saying he's overrated and undeserving. Well he's beaten 2 of the greatest heavyweights in MMa so backoff. He may have been a little emotional but who isn't after a fight.


Well...talking shit AFTER you PROVE yourself is moronic. Fighting speaks for itself.

You don't diss one of the big sponsors of the UFC....Dana would make Brock disappear if he didn't make it right..lol. Their money is worth more to the UFC than Brock...trust me.


Im not saying she should be embarrased im saying he is an embarrasment I dont care if his wife was Vanessa Del Rio.


All I could think of is that little youtube fairy saying, "Leave Brock alone!!!" with this post....sorry,bud. Nothing against you...lol.


I respect a man who is willing to admit he made an ass out of himself and not offer any excuses. He spoke directly about what happened and left it at that.

Very well done.


Another thing bothering is brock runs his mouth and its a big deal, but hendo admittitly hits a guy already out and nobody saying shit. Brock maybe an idiot but entertaing.


Lesnar just doesn't have any sportsmanship. MMA is a sport and not some backstreet brawling. There are many great UFC fighters that can kick some ass but have respect for their opponents and the sport. As for the whole emotional BS, well, it's just that.... BS.

As for the apology, it's more BS. His apology was just to save his face in the UFC. Anyone with half a brain could see that.


I like Brock but I cant wait to see either Vasquez or Carwin get there oppertunity.


Shit beer or not their advertising rivals man small countries GDP.


Who cares honestly? He apologized because of Dana White doing damage control. He may have acted mad but he knows that this intensity is going to sell more, bring more spotlight.
Everyone wants to comment on Lesnars sportsmanship? What about when Anderson Silva wouldn't touch gloves with Dan Henderson? Double standard?

What about the past year Mir wouldn't shut up? Mir hasn't been exactly classy just because he is well spoken....don't forget that. Tito wasn't exactly the sportsman either in his prime. Love him or hate him he's going to sell a lot more PPV matches because of that. Everyone wants to speak on Mir's sportsmanship, I'd be a little more respectful of Lesnar too if my head looked like a warped basketball after a stoppage.

Boss is right on the shamrock, ortiz, etc. comment. He said it himself in the postfight interview he wasn't a smart kid growing up and this was his out. It probably did strike a chord that Mir wouldn't shut up.


I'm glad you mentioned Anderson Silva. That prick pisses the fuck out of me. He is a cocky, non-classy SOB who's real personality is lost in translation. I was surprised when no one ever spoke about him not touching gloves with Hendo. I thought that was pretty disrespectful. On top of the language barrier, Dana White continuously talking so highly of him doesn't help either.

Touching gloves is not mandatory, but it is an acknowledgement that you are doing it for sport and nothing more. Fedor and GSP are excellent examples of good sportsman. They do this to test their skills and never make it personal.

I don't blame Brock for not touching gloves, because Mir had been running his mouth for months. He made it personal. I personally think it is silly when people talk all this shit before fights and then they touch gloves in the octagon as if they are doing it for sport. It's for much more than just to test your skills when you have been talking all this trash. It's not for sport - it's personal.

Given all of the above, remember that while personality, class, and sportsmanship are all characteristics that would be great for a fighter to have, they are not required. What matters is that you can fight.