Lesnar quits WWE!

Legit, his last match will be vs Goldberg at Wrestlemania this Sunday.

He’s been upset at the travel schedule for a while, since he feels he doesn’t have enough time to work out and recover properly- seriously, even with his build, he wants to work out more!

He bought his own plane last week, a Cessna, to travel to shows quicker which is a big No-no in the lockerroom, politically. THere’s been a lot of resentment.

But the last straw is that apparently they want him to “put over” the returning Undertaker, to make UT look like a monster again who can kick anybody’s ass. And Lesnar said, I don’t think so. I’m not going to put over a 45yr old, especially after putting over 210 lb Eddie Guerrero last month.

He’s going to try out for the NFL, which he can probably do, I think.

Lesnar’s got a big ego, but I think he’s justified. He is a monster,a legit badass, he’s only 25 years old, he should lose matches only very rarely. WWE is fake enough as it is, when they have a guy who LOOKS the part of a monster, really IS a monster, and who is improving every week, in the ring and on the mic, why make him look weak?

I need to go watch some old school tapes and get the bad taste out of my mouth!

That totally sucks. I love that guy. The WWE just isn’t what it used to be.

I don’t blame the kid. Look at his physique from when he FIRST started with the WWE and look at it today. It has dropped considerably in size and quality… or maybe he’s off his cycle .

He truly is a monster. They should scrap the old trailer-park dudes like Undertaker and Stone Cold for more younger “freaks”. Batista has always had my vote, too.

My God! This is PRO WRESTLING you’re talking about! Newsflash: Brock Lesner’s job is to make money for the WWE. He does that by performing a role in matches with pre-determined outcomes. Sure, they built his character into a monster. But there is a lot of tickets to be sold and a lot of PPV buys to be had in seeing the monster LOSE.

It’s called doing what’s right for the business. Remember, Lesner does not become a monster unless other guys put him over in the first place. His employer thinks its time for him to now return the favor. Just look at how many guys the Rock has put over in the past few years. Hasn’t hurt his career. At all!

And he has zero collegiate football experience. Explain to me how he makes it in the (somewhat) drug tested NFL? Please. Being a great wrestler does not necessarily make you an NFL calibre fottbal player.

I was a huge fan of WWF and WCW back in the 80’s and up until the WCW and ECW gave in. I think we can all agree thats when it all died. And I hope the 49ers get lesner :slight_smile: we need a middle linebacker

TJN713- You’re wrong. I see your point, but you’re wrong. THe most popular wrestlers were always prevented from losing, back in the day all the way up to present times. Goldberg didn’t lose
his first match (officially anyway) for years, and when he finally won the title he and Hogan put almost 50,000 people in the Georgia Dome.

Hogan is the most succesful wrestler prob. ever, and he rarely lost.
Same w/Andre the Giant, who was a tremendous draw for over 20 years.

Some guys just shouldn’t lose very often, like Lesnar.

And Re: the Rock, he is a diff’t kind of wrestler with a different kind of appeal. He doesn’t need to be protected in terms of wins and losses. Same with Flair and Austin. Guys w/ tremendous charisma and tremendous speaking ability don’t need that.
Lesnar looks and really is a monster, and that is his appeal. having him fight old, slow UT for a FOURTH feud is not appealing to him, not to mention having to lose to UT.

See what I mean?

Oh and the Bucs and another team offered him contracts in 2000, which is why he thinks he has a shot.

I like to see Brock enter Pride fighting. He would draw BIG money!!

i agree with bigwall. WCW was the shit. WWF or WWE are just TOO fake now. its way too blatant. at least WCW had the nitro girls. ahhhh the nitro girls…anyway my point is, lesner is a monster. i once worked in the copacabana and i saw hit there, isnt as huge as i thought he would be, but still huge. lets face it, he is better then the rest of the guys there, well maybe not goldberg, i love goldberg, but everyone else is just not good enough. if they just started wrestling again for more then 5 min and talked less then 10, then they would have no probs with ratings.

Wait a minute! Wasnt Lesnar a wrestelr? How the heck did NFL teams offer him contracts? I didnt even think he played f-ball in college. There are alot of big athletic guys around -not every one is going to be a great ball player.

Potential Gabe, potential. To call Brock Lesnar “athletic” is an insult, really. The man weighs in the 290 range and moves like a cat. Speed, freakish power, incredible agility and balance, tremendous physical and mental toughness, a proven champion…and so on and so forth.
When NFL teams think a guy who hasn’t balled in a while has potential they’ll offer him a 1yr contract and if he makes the team, they’ll renegotiate for a much higher salary at the end of the year.

Kurt Angle was either offered a contract or simply had a tryout with the Steelers at LB after his gold medal victory. He was offered D1 football scholarships in HS but chose to wrestle, like his older brothers.

I just had a thought- imagine the marketing and merchandise sales for a team that Lesnar joins! Can you imagine the publicity he and the team would get?

Imagine how much an Oakland Raiders Lesnar jersey would sell? Talk about a perfect fit. Bad ass dude and a team wih a bad ass reputation and huge fan base. I think it would easily be one of the top sellers in the league.

Or what about other major markets? NY Giants, Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears…holee shit.
He would make millions in endorsements alone…

bring back Razor Ramon


If he isn't in rehab somewhere, last I saw, Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) was in TWA.

If this Lesner situation is indeed true, It wouldn't surprise me a bit. It is for reasons like this that I don't follow wrestling like I used to. Taker's main purpose at his age should be to wrestle only on occasion to put over younger wrestlers. Similar to what Flair does now.

I mark the decline in the product of pro-wrestling in 1998 when Shawn Michaels left wrestling due to back problems after jobbing to Austin at Wrestlemania. Wrestling slowly moved from a pseudo-sport to "sports entertainment" and hasn't been the same since.


holy crap ericka… didn’t know you watched wrestling.

well, what else is there to do in manteca?

Lesnar has about as much chance of making it in the NFL as I do. Zero. Raw athletic ability will only take you so far, esp. in a sport that is so incredibly specialized. The guy has never played a single down of big time college football — ever. Hell, he grew up in N. Dakota, so I bet he never played a down of big time high school football, either. What position will he play in the NFL? And by the way, all NFL positions are SKILL positions.

Sonny S., I think the creepy mancrush you have on Lesnar is clouding your judgment. The business of wrestling has changed drastically over the past few years, and the more realistic, mat based style being implemented by the WWE (to prevent the rash of neck injuries, but of course you know all about that) requires a more even give and take among the workers. Guys like Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit would have never risen above the mid-card in the days of Hogan and even during Goldberg’s build-up in the late 90s. The day of the invincible monster is over.

A guy like Lesnar will always get a huge initial push, based upon appearance alone. However, he has to draw while he’s on top. And as much as I agree that Lesnar is a great young pro wrestler, he has in no way drawn the $$$ to justify turning him into another Hogan. And I’m sure you’ve noticed how vulnerable the WWE has booked Goldberg in the past year. Dude has lost a lot, and looked weak while doing it.

Pride fighting seems like a better fit for Lesnar. Of course, he will need to be ultra protected like Bob Sapp has been, and put in years of training to be any good.

Of course, nothing is preventing you from going to Champ’s and getting a Raider jersey with Lesnar’s name on the back.

I agree with FrontFaceLock, Brock should go to Japan and fight in Pride, that would be great.

The whole thing is a work (made up story) not a shoot (real) situation. He’s burned out and needed some time off. He didn’t like where he was headed character wise so he made a threat to leave. There is no way the WWE would let him go. There is no way thats going to happen. In two to three months he’ll be back and may come back to the RAW roster if there is still a split brand. The story was “leaked” to add some more excitement to a dismal Wrestlemania. So to start up the hype machine they leak a story about Lesner leaving. If he did want to leave the WWE would NOT have him wrestle at Mania. They wouldn’t want to pay him the royalities from the show. Second he wouldn’t walk away from the $$$ he’s making.

It’s all a work.

While we’re on the subject of wrestling…

You know who Vince had that he misused?


The man has the look, the gimmick, the ability, and the charisma to go far in WWE, and all they did was give him 5000 hardcore title reigns and a storyline where he was banished to Heat.

The masterpiece storyline had huge potential to get over, but WWE had to be asses about it.

I’m glad he’s on the indy scene. More freedom to do what he wants there.

Any other Raven fans?

Joey the prob with Raven was that he was really lazy back stage. He wouldn’t work out for a match with the other wrasler. He wouldn’t put in the effort to get better. That’s where his problem lied. He was the same way in WCW.