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Les Miserables in Concert






Mother of goodness what a show.

Never watched an Opera before this, but might watch some more now !

Wow just wow

For those who have not watched it you can get it on youtube via this guy.



I have wanted to go see the play.


I've seen it 3X (no homo) in person, once in London. That one had the girl that played the singing voice of the Disney "Mulan" in it. She was f-ing incredible on stage. Great music, brutally sad story.


That show is hands down the best performance of Les Miz that I have seen. The guy who plays Valjean is just sick. They are all great though, not one weak link in the bunch. I dare anyone to hear that rendition of "I dreamed a dream" for the first time, and not get misty eyed. lol

Edit: "The guy", is of course Colm Wilkinson


Anytime someone writes (no homo) on these boards, it cracks me up. WTF is up with that, you can't say that you've enjoyed something like this without specifying that you don't take it up ass? lol


Amazing show, i've done 15 or so musicals in my almost 23 years of life, but that is one I have to yet to get a chance at.


Confrontation FTW.


Nah, man. I'm honestly curious.


RED!!! I feel my soul on fire. BLACK!!! My life if she's not there!!

I fucking love Le Mis ever since i saw it years ago in 8th grade on broadway. Great story even better songs, way too many to list, Look Down is one of my favorites. Who Am I is great. On My Own great song (no homo).


That's it, from now on I'm signing every post with "no homo," just to be safe.

What I love about Les M, is that although it's a musical, it feels like an opera. Big, larger than life emotions, but still with very simple and likable melodies and lyrics.

  • no homo


I haven't seen Les Miserables yet, unfortunately. Good to hear that it's still truckin' on well.

I was always a Cats guy myself. (yes homo)


Must be a US thing with this (no homo)

Must be terrified of being labelled one of "those" :stuck_out_tongue:

But if i have time ill try watch Cats and Phantom of the Opera.

I like this Operatic stuff, HUGE difference from my electronica stuff.