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Leroy Colbert's Legends Routine?


Hi im new to the forum so hoping im posting this in the right section,i was wondering what people think of this workout i found on this website it was under the name of fullbody workouts of the ledgends i want to do the leroy colberts routine can anyone please give me some advice on it it would be aprecited alot thankyou hear is a link lerou colbers routine is halfway down the page https://www.t-nation.com/training/full-body-workouts-of-the-legends


I don’t like it. It looks like too much to me.

But if you want to do it, give it a try. There’s certainly no harm in that.


Really appreciate your reply im guesing i dont just do that one workout 3 times a week i make another two with diffrent excercise’s? It is alot do you think it wouldnt be great for bulking?


your diet is what makes a routine for bulking or cutting. If you’re eating a lot it’s for bulking, if you’re not eating very much it’s cutting. See what I mean?

I just think it’s a massive amount of volume and unless your diet, sleep and life stress are totally sorted it’s going to be very hard to do.

Most full body routines generally have a squat variation, a pushing exercise, a pulling exercise, a hip extension exercise and a couple of isolation moves for weak points. That routine has a million exercises for each bodypart.

I’m not saying it won’t work. If you have the time and energy to dedicate to it and you enjoy it, then it’s fine. Personally I could grow just fine on half of that.

If I were to go down the full body, 3x a week approach, I’d use this routine


I would recommend you do Arnold’s “Golden 6” first. Do that for a few months, them move to Leroy’s.


I am currently doing Leroy’s program, this is my second time doing it in the past two years. I’ve done it on a bulk previously, and am currently doing it on my cut for contest prep. Some thoughts:

-It is an outstanding program IF you can tweak it properly for yourself. I think it’s best to make an A-B-C workout and rotate the exercises, AND which body part goes first. Don’t do the same workout all three days, that really limits your exercise choices and angles at which you hit the muscles.

-It IS an insane amount of volume, so you should NOT do it if it’s your first full body 3x per week program. I built up my work capacity to be able to handle it. @Yogi_ is correct that if your diet, sleep, supplements, etc., are not all consistent and maximized, you shouldn’t do this program. A good starting full body program would also be this one, it’s the first one I did that got me to the point to be able to do Leroy’s plan, Dan John’s 10 Steps For Mass: https://www.t-nation.com/training/10-secrets-to-building-mass.

-If you do Leroy’s plan, it takes a few weeks to learn how hard you can push it without killing yourself. I’ve found going to fail is not a good idea on this plan, CNS gets trashed and you can’t recover properly in time to train the same muscle group again 2 days later. Learning what it feels like to get very close to fail without doing that last rep or two is where you want to be.

-In my opinion a full body plan is great for bulking if you have lots of quality food, and also don’t over do it. You don’t need a significant caloric surplus to gain mass. Your diet will control whether you bulk or not more than your training will.

-Plazma is a no brainer for this plan because of the high volume. I haven’t, and wouldn’t train without it.

Again I did Leroy’s plan last year, and this year (not consecutively.) So far I’ve been doing it for about 11 weeks and am going to keep at it through my contest as it works best for my schedule. It’s a great plan IF all the parameters are in place. Be sure to post back with any more questions!


I can see it working for 6 weeks at a time to change things up but, yeah a Dan John or Waterbury routine would be superior.


Thanks for the reply robstein have had trouble with my internet so not bein able to log on,iv bein doin the routine for about 3 weeks now i found it alot of volume at first but adjusted to it and enjoy it now really like the frequency of working the muscles,diet side of things i try to eat as much as i can my job is hard tho as we get breaks randomly! I have made an a,b,c workout like you say but id be really intrested to see what yours looks like so i can compare is that possible ? Would appreciate it alot thanks,i currently have quite a bad cold and debating if i should go to the gym today got my two sessions in monday and Wednesday just hate missing a session.


Cool, glad to hear you’re enjoying the program. When I have more time I’ll post my workout rotation, here’s a quick link to my contest prep log where I just posted by “B” workout, feel free to check it out and compare. My “A” workout starts with chest and back, “B” workout starts with legs and delts, “C” workout starts with triceps and biceps. Again exercises are also rotated each workout. Hope this helps!

Regarding your thoughts on missing a session, I think with this program if you DO have to miss a session, it’s not going to be too detrimental as you’ve already hit each muscle group twice and performed 12 working sets for each muscle group so far. If you’re trying to lean out, just watch your carb/calorie intake for the day you have to miss and don’t stress too much about it.


Thankyou again for your reply really appreciate it alot! Im goin to sot down in a minute and look through your log!when you say rotate excercises each session how do you mean sorry sounds really dumb me saying that but just want to make sure 100%,iv bein pretty ill this weekend so never got my 3 session in and still dont no if im gona be up to it tomorrow im goin to iceland a week today so want to be well for that but really hate missing sessions as im trying to bulk as much as i can!


No problem man, happy to help any way I can. For “rotate exercises” I mean don’t do the same exercises each workout. Rotate which muscle group goes first, AND the exercises.

So, for example, my Monday “A” workout starts with chest and back.
A Workout
Chest exercises - incline dumbbell press or plate loaded incline press, low-to-high cables
Back exercises - rack pulls, seated cable row

Then for my Wednesday “B” workout, when I get to chest and back, I do different exercises
B Workout
Chest exercises - flat dumbbell press or flat machine press, pec deck
Back exercises - lat pulldown, straight arm rope pulldown

So even though I’m hitting chest and back each day, I rotate the exercises selection so I can still hit many angles and exercises throughout the week.