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Has anyone seen this tv commercial? The diet pill that’s “too strong for the casual dieter…” Anyone use it or know someone who does? It sounds too good to be true for someone who needs to lose 20 lbs. Plus it’s like $153.00 a bottle. Hot-rox doesn’t even cost that much. Any thoughts?

Brought to you by Klein-Becker, the same company that makes boob growing products, magic nighttime proteins, rub on spot reducers, a weight loss pill for kids that contains nothing but fiber, and the kind of fake T product I exposed in my old “Wolves in Sheep Clothing” article.

They do, however, offer some very nice pharmaceutical grade boxes for their products.

Ah Klein-Becker.

Yeah, that good ole pharmaceutical packaging sure catches the eye.

They also make something called Anorex, another $100+ product thats a simple ECA stack.

I’m sure Leptoprin is something similar.
In fact, under Anorex, in parenthesis, reads “Leptotropin” or something like that.

Anyways, this is definately geared towards the uneducated grasping at straws.


Here is another point about this one. klein-Becker also owns Silver Sage which makes a product called Thermogenics Stimulant Free, right. Well it is about $40.00 and the only difference between it and the $163.00 Leptoprin is (drum roll) ASPRIN. That is the only added ingredient. Pretty expensive asprin if you ask me.

It’s just ephedrine…

my mom wanted to get me this stuff forever. She never buys into diet pills, but for some reason the whole “this isnt meant for afew vanity pounds” sucked her in, mostly im guessing because it sounds powerful like say a percription would be, but safe enough to not be perscription.

All you’re paying for though, is the IDEA that its just for people with alot to loose. I looked this stuff up to shut my mom up, its youre plain ole ECA stack, with afew other things that are considered thermogenic. The thing that pisses me off the most, is because they’re trying to sell you on the idea its something uber special they dont tell you the ingrediants until after you purchase it. Course, you could always get Stimulant free leptoprin, but it contains a goddamn pesticide… HELLO! Pass the roaches please.

More info about leptoprin with lists of ingrediants & how they work


Yeah went to that site after you posted it. It was good for reference on the ingredients but got kind of lame when they said that the only ingredient that would help in weight loss was the calcium, even when it had and ECA stack in it.

Yeah I thought so. Anything they sell on an infomercial has got to be targeting uninformed housewives or armchair warriors looking for the magical cure for their laziness.