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Leptin While Gaining


After reading Joel's new article I had a question. When one is gaining (so not on a cal deficit) is it still a good idea to have "cheat days" to maximize metabolism?

Usually the way I work is occassionally I'll just want a treat and so I'll eat it with a meal - maybe 1 or 2 times a week. I never consolidate these treats into 1 day of "cheating." Would it be better for lean gains and my metabolism to combine them all and be really strict and only eat maintenece the other days of the week?



I'm no expert. Just a guess.

Assuming you are talking about a clean bulk, I don't think your metabolism needs any "shock" to increase.
I think the best way to maximize it is to gradually increase caloric intake every week.

But still, you are bulking. It's the best time to cheat =D