Leptin and 30-Second Bike Sprint Article

Is this a one time fix? In other words, do this for 2-3 weeks and Leptin is fixed? Or do I need to do a fasted 30-second bike sprint everyday for the rest of my life?

Interesting article. I wonder if this is the reason BBers on a cut report success with fasted HIIT as a way to ‘jump start’ stalled fat loss.

INteresting… and to think of all the comments around about how high intensity work fasted can possibly contribute to muscle loss… just goes to show that nothing is ever as simple as it seems -lol.


I knew fasted HIIT was good for fat loss due to AMPk, but I wasn’t aware that it affected Leptin as well. I’ve been doing short Elliptical HIIT as a finisher, and I normally train fasted while on a cut so I guess this is more reinforcement for that idea.

No you don’t have to do it for the rest of your life, but I would do it while dieting. From what I read, a high Carb meal (a refeed, NOT CHEAT meal), with low or no fat and lean protein will also effect leptin levels/ receptors positively as well.

I have been doing this in the morning fasted,(only unsweetened green tea & 1 cup of black coffee beforehand)then walking for 45-60 min, I do not do it every day, but usually 4/5 days a week. I am doing Nate Miyaki’s Paleo hybrid diet, I have had good results so far, I skipped my refeed last week to see is it increases my fat loss, or if there is no real difference, or if I stall. I work nights and am older, I am really happy with the results so far.