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Leno's Final Tonight Show


Anybody catch it ?

Very cool final moment, I think he is a genuinely good guy, glad he got to stay at NBC doing a show, didn't feel right for him to get kicked off television when he was still doing solid work and winning his time slot.

He is gonna murder at 10:00.


I don't get the big good bye if he is just moving down a slot, it's no big deal. It's not like he's dying of cancer of some shit. Besides. He's fucking rich as butter..... Why work? But seriously, I don't see the big deal with him just moving down an hour........It would be like me moving down a block.... No one will care, and those that do will still tune in.......

Anyway, it will be great to see Conan at a decent time finally.... He is truly one of the funniest men alive.


He's moving to 10? Hmm i didnt know that, but I'm glad to hear it. I'm a Leno fan for sure.


I wish I could have caught it, I always enjoyed Leno.

I still think Conan is going to be the king, though. The man has a cult following already that's unmatched.


I saw the show. The long applause he got when he got on was touching; Leno is a nice guy - maybe too nice, many find his humor too watered down, but I always liked him. He may be rich as hell and own more care than GM, he's still down to Earth.

Hopefully his new show won't be the same format; it'd be nice to see something new.

Can't wait for Conan to be back; late night hasn't been the same without him.


I never really enjoyed Leno Like I did Carson. I'm older than most of you and I think that Johnny Carson in his prime was really the very best that late night TV had to offer. I still remember his last show May 22, 1992.

Anyway Leno does seem like a good guy and I wish him all the best.

Connona Obrien will bring Tonight to a new low I'm sure.


Leno still does stand up dates on the weekend, always thought that was pretty cool of him


While he isn't as good as Letterman , (he lacks the presence in an interview that Dave has, partly because he's just a nicer guy), he did have the best monologue on late night until Craig Ferguson came along. He's a talented guy and he deserves his success.

I can't say I'm optimistic about his move to primetime. Many say it had more to do with cost-cutting and avoiding competition should Leno have moved to another network like ABC, and I can't see him competing with a lot of the shows at 10, although I predict he'll do better than expected.

And I'm glad he's moving because I think his show is better than a lot of the scripted/competition shows on network television.

I think Conan's great, and he'll do fine. He won't beat Dave in the ratings but he won't get owned.


So you think that Conan cannot hold Jay's current numbers ?


Not sure if he'll get the same numbers but Conan is funny on his own and I think he has a built in audience. I'm rooting for the guy. I like him.


Conan's a natural comedian...but that old school Tonight Show crowd is very picky about their comedy. I personally always thought Jay's monologues and basic comedy during the show was too watered down. It was geared towards making middle America feel comfortable. I can't remember too many jokes he ever did that would be described as "edgy".

I will personally START watching the Tonight Show more regularly because of Conan.


Not really, but it's no fault of his. Leno's audience older on average than Letterman's, and much older on average than Conan's, and his show is made to cater to them (like the last poster said). With Leno gone I think Dave wins the battle for old folks over Conan.

And remember, at 12:30 Craig Ferguson was getting very close to the same ratings as Conan, and Dave's a bigger name than Craig or Conan.

Although Conan will most likely get better guests overall, because his show is in LA versus Letterman's in New York, so that'll help. But I don't think that's enough, especially with Leno's show in LA being the obvious first choice for stars.


Conan O'Brien is probably the funniest person in entertainment to me (Larry David a close second). I think he's going to do really well at this time-slot...virtually all of his 12:30 fans are going to be watching, and I think he'll keep a good number of Leno's fans as well, particularly the younger ones.

Plus Andy Richter is coming back. How amazing is that??

I'm crossing fingers to see my namesake, PimpBot5000, back in full force at the new time slot



I am pretty excited to have Andy back, I feel like a lot of people don't even know about that yet. Those two are great together.


I don't set out to watch any night time talkshows, but when I do watch it's Conan. That dude is funny, and he wrote for the Simpsons during it's heydey. Didn't know Richter's coming back. That's awesome.


Well said.

I hope the needle doesn;t swing too far to the "edgy" extreme and we end up seeing that waste of sperm Mencia on the Tonight show someday.