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Lenoir - switch your brain on before you go flaming people on this forum...

*** Posted by Lenoir - It really makes me laugh at these puny 173 lbs skeletors who call themselves T-men!! Seriously man, get some food and hit the weights. Stop running marathons. ***

(Now for those of you wondering, that was aimed at myself and another on a thread about T-Folk in Australia.)

Lenoir - Oh man, if only you knew how many people just lost any respect they had for you.

You’re obviously someone who gets big easily, and unfortunately you seem to let it go to your head.

You see, friend (and I use the term loosely at this point), bodyduilding is about gettin’ huge (and ripped). And that’s the whole point. ‘Getting’ there. I’ll bet there’s a whole pile of people who read T-Mag that ‘started out’ lookin’ like a matchstick, but more power to ‘em for doing something about it! It’s people like you who make these derogatory commments that drag down those trying to make themselves into a better person. And I think I speak for most people who read this forum when I say WE JUST DON’T FRIGGEN’ NEED THAT CRAP!!!

Would it surprise you to know (actually you probably don’t care) that I usually take in well over 3000 calories a day, haven’t run in 2 years, weight train more intensely that you can ever hope to imagine (check my thread on puking while squating, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg…), I sacrifice with the best of 'em, and have packed on 44lbs of lean mass in the last three years. Now I think that puts me in T-Man category, and if anyone disagrees then I couldn’t give shit! My methods are good, my progress constant, and in the end I couldn’t care less about you or your comments that are aimed at me. But… others in my position my not take it the same.

To make a 44lb change in lbm puts ANY person on cloud nine, but many in this position would take being called a “skeleton” to heart in a bad way.

Like I said in the title, just take a second to turn your brain on before making any more posts.

Oh, and while I’m having a go at you here, I’m not out to make an enemy of you. Keep that in mind, bud…

Wow…I didn’t really see the post (I haven’t been posting long), but it seems like it all boils down to that “eternal” question that has been asked on this board before: “What Is A T-Man?”

I tell you what; I work VERY hard, and am VERY much a “work in progress”. Now, and when I eventially reach my goals, I will know that I AT LEAST worked as hard as the next guy. And I hope that with the time, effort, study, pain and sweat I go through that that will qualify me as a “T-Man”, no matter how “huge” I get. I’ll keep you guys posted…

If the 173 pound guy started out at 130 then he is a T-man. Assuming he’s not just fat.

Man, some good posts tonight to relate to. I started out as a puny 16 year old, 135lb’er at 5’7". I now am 175 at 5’7". I am 41 and it took me quite a few years to mature. I realy didn’t mature until I was in my mid to late twenties. My brothers all weigh 200+. But, I’ll tell you what. I get more respect from every guy in the gym and my family than you could imagine. I never get someone bashing me. Heck, I can outlift most guys who weigh 200+. Even so, it doesn’t matter what you weigh or what you can lift. What matters is that you lift, don’t critisize, help others and just compete against yourself. My brother pounded me when we were younger, because he coud. He still could, but, is afraid of me now. He saw how tough I became because of weight training and his abuse. I don’t put up with anyone’s shit anymore. And it shows.

Hey Mark, try not to be so sensitive, you are starting to sound like a girl, not a T-man, just kidding. Although, I am having a hard time understanding why you care what someone you don’t even know or care about thinks of you or others like you, it all sounds a little childish, especially the part where you say that you, “weight train more intensely that you can ever hope to imagine”. Man you just reversed the coin with that statement, like Lenoir is some kind of pussy and cannot even come close to being as much of a badass as you in the gym. And to make it worse you made that statement just after you said,“It’s people like you who make these derogatory commments that drag down those trying to make themselves into a better person.” The only thing that I have leaned about becoming a man is not to care about what others, especially strangers think about you. That is the only way that you can let yourself be really happy in life, I think. And what is all of this stuff about being a “T-man” anyway? It all sounds a little too conformist for my taste. Don’t try to be a T-man, just try to be a man, period, and everything else will fall into place. Also a man is not defined by his body, he is defined by his actions.
Don’t take offense at anything I said though, because I am just a dumbass anyway.

Mufasa - you hit the nail on the head, or at least one of the nails… I think if you improve your physique as much as possible by simply busting your butt and putting in the effort that goes beyond what most would consider reasonable, show true commitment, and encourage the same in others, then I’d say you class as a T-Man.

Chris - Bud, I aint the most ripped guy in the world, but I got a pretty good 4-pack hapnin', and some way cool vascularity in my upper body. Fat is something I aint!!! Thanks a bunch for the compliment, and bringing me into the T-Clan.

The Testosterone Act 2001 - Section 188 (Definition of A T-Person)-gotta be politically correct here:)

(1) A person who lifts weights seriously with the goal of getting bigger and stronger.
(2) A T-Person Does Not Fuck*** Criticise Others Who Are Less Muscular Than Him Or Herself.

Sorry...couldn't help it...i'm a law student. Seriously, Lenoir, why do u give a shit if someone is 300 or 130 pounds? I personally used to run marathons before i started weight training....I quit running completely and was 130 pounds when i started weight training about 2 years ago but am now around 170.....Does that make me inferior to some one who started at 210 and is now 250? To get those 40 pounds of muscle, i've worked my ass off in the gym,read and bought practically every useful book on training and nutrition i could lay my hands upon....enjoying the entire process along the way because it's my hobby. SO BEFORE U MAKE ANY ASSUMPTIONS IN THE FUTURE, GET ALL YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT FIRST!!!

Great point these are the same punk ass no good wannabe’s (Lenoir et.al , maybe we should call 'em L-Men) who will be the first to hit the exit door trampling and pushing aside old women and kids when their is a fire in a movie theatre so their pretty little candy asses don’t get hurt. I am 180 lbs. Lenoir you wanna challange? How about a contest to see who can chin up the most, push up the most, and do bodyweight squats the most? The loser sucks his own cock. And will be called a cocksucker. How’s that?

wow, sucking your own cock. I had nothing to do with the original post. but I gotta say that if I could suck my own cock I would probably never post again. Hell I would probably never leave the house. I masterbate too much as it is.
Seriously though, guys, relax. I think everyone should go re-read NEB’s post and take it to heart. Do your own thing and work on your own self improvement and the rest will follow. These actions will speak louder than any self decleration on T-manhood.
“I train so hard”
“I squat till I puck”
“I was a 150lbs weakling”
Guys this is becoming the new rhetoric. You’ve (by this I mean the collective iron community) made these statements into cliches. If you guys are really hardcore and dedicated to anything, others will just know it.

NEB, js - yeah, I’ll have to admit that I agree with all you’ve said. The comment was just so unexpected (dunno why he even bothered reading the thread), like he was trying to be spiteful for some kind of perverse pleasure. I’ve seen this too often in gyms around the place, and after a long time of putting up with this sh!t I just reacted. It was more to stop him and others doing it to other trainers rather than myself.

Thanks for the reality check.

“…I’ll have another peice of humble pie thanks…” “…oh, just make sure it’s rich in protein, or you can go make another one…”

L.O.L Mark, your post shows me that you’re a pussy unlike any other. Grow some balls and stop crying , enough about you. Johny, you were bold enough to issue me a challenge so in turn I shall issue one to you. I challenge into into an unarmed combat. I am currently located in the midwest and my gym provides an octagon where we can go and lash it out. I usually don’t issue these kinds of challenges for they seen childish to me but your challenge makes me want to teach you a lesson. You probably know the rules: no eye gouging, no fish hooking but other than that everything goes. After I’m done with you you’ll be sucking food from a straw I guarantee it. What do you think, wanna go for it?

Folks, I suppose we just gotta accept that some people are a waste of good oxygen…

Hey Lenoir, here’s a real challenge bud: you think you’ve got the balls to call a truce and end all this BS?

I just got a pretty big kick out of this whole thread. If any one of you actually beats up any of the others, can you send in the pictures to be posted in the reader mail section of T-mag? That would be cool.
Incidentally, if you’re squatting until you puke, then just know that you’re doing something wrong. The part where you puke is your body saying “Dude, you can’t do that or I’m going to break.” Remember, you can lift to get jacked without booting all over the smith press. Later.

Why not, I was just fucking with you anyway. Peace out Mark

Choad - looking back on this thread now that I don’t really give two rats nads about it all, it all seems kinda childish and, like you said, pretty funny… “…loser sucks his own dick…” LMAO!!!

Why don’t you guys just see who can piss the furthest?

Guys like this lenoir only say things about others to make up for a lack of confidence in themselves. It makes them feel superior to others when they make fun of people when infact they are just the oposite they are insecure of their manhood and pick on smaller individuals in a quest to grow some balls. Besides isn’t Lenoir a woman’s name?