Lennox Lewis got knocked tha fuck out!

I just had to share it with somebody!

That’s what happens when you underestimate an opponent! Same thing happened back in Tokyo 90’ with Tyson and Buster Douglas. Lennox did not look like the athlete of the past and seemed sluggish. Not to mention he was bragging about filming a movie in Vegas a few weeks back. Thus he gets put on the canvas!

Lewis is overrated. Not much for skills. He relies on that lazy jab b/c he usually has a big reach advantage over opponents. His defense is bad and if he can’t land a big punch, he’s in deep trouble. He is probably one of the least skilled champs that has come along. Glad to see him lose and the Prince the other week. 2 cocky bastards got what they deserved!

Lewis came in over confident believing he was invincible, and found out that he’s neither invincible or all that good a fighter. The Rock landed a beautiful right cross and Lewis dropped like he was shot. At least were I was you should have heard the cheers.

You gotta love the Rock nobody gave him a chance,he trained hard stepped up to the bat and delivered the belt back to the US.(Doesnt hurt that Lennox slacked.)