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Lengthiest Cycle?


How many of you guys have been on for more than 6 months straight before?

And said that, how many saw good solid gains throughout the "on" period at that length of time?

Many say the diminishing returns set in at the usual 10-16 week mark, or close, but indeed, for some in certain circumstances the gains keep on coming solid even well into very lengthy periods of time.

Curious to hear from you old schoolin fellas.


yes, size gains will tend to start to stagnate but I find that results in terms of leaning out are best for me on long cycles...most recently was on a 6mo cycle (off for about a month now) and really spent the last 3 months of the cycle getting lean...

I think in general if you are going to be on for that long you need to do some blasting and cruising at least to see continued progress but also your training and recovery needs to be considered a major factor as well...you can only train hard for so long until the body needs a break or at least some variation.


Totally concur FG. Surprisingly, found that this particular run at said length, has thrown gains continously throughout. Further surprisingly, once beginning a leaning out regimen towards the end, like you, nutritionally and cardio speaking, the gains went through the fucking roof. Never happened like that before, but then I suppose timing of such things all play into the big picture. Crazy but unreal stuff ongoing for moi.

Thanks for chiming in buddy.


ToneBone, my good man, I think another good point to remember is that the body will grow in spurts. Given adequate rest, nutrition, and training, the spurt may be longer. Then its time for the muscles to recooperate and replenish other things such as IGF-1, MGF, etc. These things are constantly occuring. So In a longer cycle, I think one can benefit from taking a week off at the end of a hard training phase or even using some strategic deloading to let the body feel like it has reached homeostasis, then blast it again! The nice thing about a week off from the heavy eating and training during an extended cycle is a nice beginners type of rebound.

Take care brother.


Hey Tdevil, lol...long time again no see/hear..Hope you're all good and doing great things bud.
Thanks for the reminder on deloadage. I have been doing fantastic and have spaced the frequencies of my workout to a t finally. The rest and recoup is full on perfection. Every now and again I'll give an extra day or two at most. I will be going with a week long deload of either way lower % on intensity, or nothing at all period. So def incorporating those thoughts into everything my friend.
Sending you a pm later, but gotta run for now bro.

Cheers T!


Sounds like you got it all under control.