Length of workout on juice??

I did try doing a search several diff ways and found no answer, so please help. As we all have heard, an optimum length for a workout should be 45 min to 1 hour. I always thought that since steroids were anabolic and anti-catabolic why not train for maybe 1hr 30 min or so…that would further increase effectiveness. However, my buddy who seems to know a lot says that my workouts should still be no longer than 45 min…What does everyone else say or do? Thanks

I don’t think theres a definate answer to that question; everyone’s capabilities are different. I find that I can train upwards of 2 hours while on androgens and make excellent progress. While not on the juice, however, I prefer to keep the workouts to 45 min.

Workout length should be the same as natural. You don’t want to overtrain, because you will feel it (i.e. injuries) when you go off. Your body needs the same amount of stimulus you were giving it when you trained naturally, to grow. You just have more growth factors in your system so you grow more, and faster

I definitely throw in more sets and work even harder while in a state of enhanced protein synthesis.

With a good cycle and plenty of nutrition, It would be tough to “overwork.” Bust your ass…don’t waste a cycle trying to over-analyze.

i would def not train past 1 hr and 30 min because thats when working out TapS into the oxadative state from you using all your glycogen stores. I would train as ususal. Don’t ry to be a fuckin superhero becasue that is when injuries occur. Just progress with weight as if you weren’t on juice. The only thing I would do is maybe hit a lagging bodypart twice a week with 4 days in between for rest.

do you guys feel OVT is enough while on? or increase the sets? i was planing on doing ovt weeks 1-4 then GVT2K weeks 4-8 to complete the test/tren cycle

I think your workout should remain the same length, and only increase your intensity. You CAN still overtrain while on AAS.

I said it once, I’ll say it again: Just train as hard as you would if you were natural. And to those who never busted their asses training before they tried steroids I say this: They are little pussy ass wimps. I trained my fucking ass off when I was natural- more than most who were on juice, who took it from the begining - who decided to take the “easy” route. I only started doing steroids once I was sure I had reached my genetic ceiling. So with that said, If you have ever trained hard naturally, then you know just how much your body can handle (i.e. abuse to joints and tendons) with that in mind, train just as hard as that, no harder. If any of you never trained hard core before you every took AAS then you would’t have a clue and shouldn’t even be answering this post

jesus cryst

That was a beautiful answer Prisnoner. (tear:-(

gotta agree with warhorse on this one. why train like normal when you have the ability to recover quicker, much quicker, while on. i train much harder when on. i always keep workouts to an hour but increase weights and intensity by far when juicing. you have the protein synthesis of a super hero. take advantage of it before your a mortal again soon.

im not as experienced with juice as you guys but based on the experience i do have i think it would be logical to increase training volume while on. now let me explain before you attack me.

i train with a very low volume for a bodybuilder. yes i am a bodybuilder but i like lifting heavy weights for low reps, i.e. 5x5, 6x2, 8x3 etc. generally my strenght based workouts consist of about 25-50 reps per muscle group trained.

when i train for hypertrophy those numbers are gonna increase to 75-100 per bodypart. i really shouldnt say “bodypart” because i dont train bodyparts. my training is based around the core lifts not bodyparts. here is my current split:

horizontal push/pull
quad dominant/calves
vertical push/pull
hamstring dominant/calves

calves are the only bodypart i isolate. i dont do direct arm or shoulder training besides some lateral raise work.

i have found that this split works the best for me. size, and strength increases as well as much healthier shoulders and low back.

anyways when i hit my mass cycle here in a few weeks, im gonna increase total volume but not too much. i know my recovery abilities pretty well and will adjust accordingly.

i have been training for strength for a few months now and i know my body is gonna respond big time to the hypertrophy training that i have in store.

Well fuck me with a Ginsu, I guess I have been overtraining all of these years. In order to answer your question all you are going to have to do is read the posts by all the other guys. THEY ALL HAVE DIFFERENT ANSWERS. The bottom line is this. Do what your body is telling you. If you feel like going on a particular day then go. If you feel like you need to go easy on a certain day then do so. The key is to keep training and listen to what your body is telling you and if you don’t know what your body is telling you, then what the heck are you asking us for. Your body knows best is what I am trying to say, there is no rule or set guidelines.

Bottom line: Fuckin’ work your ass off when on a cycle. Eat as much as you possibly can on a cycle. Get at least eight hours of sleep.

Most guys fuck themselves in this game by over-analyzing every aspect and making it waaaaay too complicated.

This ain’t rocket science guys…

good point tenman. things can get quite carried away it seems. really at the end of the day the most important things are the simplest. eat right, lift like a fucking animal, sleep, and proper drug dosing. everything can be taken to far and overanalyzed when sometimes its all in the basics.

i can’t sleep 8 hours straight, maybe 6. what do you think about taking sleeping pills while on? i have zma but haven’t noticed longer uninterupted sleep, just lucid dreams.

Most people find they can do more work while on. I can say that I don’t like going over an hour, on or not.

An awesome way to do more is to do two sessions in day instead of one long one.
I’ve had great results with 2 workouts, 45min max each one. Once in a while you can even do it while off.

There are a lot of ways to do more work without training over 1hr. Just my personal opinion.

“Bust your ass…don’t waste a cycle trying to over-analyze.”

“Fuckin’ work your ass off when on a cycle.”

“lift like a fucking animal”

i agree and respectfully disagree with the above comments. yes you need to bust your ass, and train hard as hell. but a well planned out training program is also essential. just going to the gym and throwing around a bunch of heavy weights without a plan is rediculous.

P-DOG: The days of smart, scientific training have passed us by like a warm summer day.

Steroids changed the rules, my friend.