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Length of Tribex use???

How long can a person use Tribex with out exhausting the benifits??? If cycled for either 5/2 on/off per week or 4 weeks on and 1 week off, how long could you go with out an extended period off? Currently I am doing the 5/2 with 8 caps per day. Used it with RedKat for a couple of weeks and now using M with it. I have been impressed with the resuslts but I was wondering when have others noticed an end of effectiveness?

I’ve been using Tribex for the better part of 3 years now and haven’t noticed a decline in its effects.

This was answered before a couple of times.

One post mentioned not really knowing if cycling is absolutely neccessary from a physiological standpoint. They just don’t know.

But its recommended because its prudent.

In addition, American Muscle I believe called Biotest and their recommendation was to take two weeks off after staying on for 12 weeks.

I think TC wrote an article mentioning staying on the 5on/2off schedule indefinately though.

ha, I know I just said about three different things but I’d take a two week break after 12 weeks of being on.
If you’re doing 4 weeks on/1 week off you could probably do that indefinately.

On the bottle it say’s to take on an empty stomach. I never have an empty stomach, so should I just take it in between feedings? Thanks a lot.

Thanks for the info, I have been using the 5/2 method for 8 weeks. I used Red Kat + Tribex for 6 and now going on 2 weeks with M. I think I will switch it up and finish out the month of June with 7 days a weeks strait for 4 weeks, then take time off. That would would be 12 total weeks with 2 different cycles. Thanks again.

Joe Bob, I try to take it as soon as I wake and delay my first meal for a half hour or so. The second dose is probably not on a true “empty” stomach but it is not with food. I know it is hard to take any number of suppliments on an empty stomach when you consume 6+ meals a day. Try alternating solid food meals with protein shakes and your suppliments.

Joe Bob:

this was posted by Shugart in another thread–"Chris Shugart
03:43 PM

Cliff, the instructions have gone back and forth over the years (whether to take with food or on an empty stomach), so my guess is that it doesn’t matter much. Another guess: the take-with-food guidelines may have been put there originally to prevent the “white smoke burps.”

Tribex uses a very fine, pharmaceutical grade powder so sometimes you can burp and send powder out your mouth like smoke. I personally enjoy the heck out of that, but some may not. If you take Tribex, then eat and put food on top of it, so to speak, you probably won’t get the dragon burps. "