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Length of Time to Run HCG?

I have been on TRT a little over a year now. I take 75mg twice a week and my blood levels and everything stays just fine, my last test count was at 852 I feel great.

I have never added HCG into my regiment before but I was curious because the lady and I were talking about kids. I never had a sperm count done or anything, but from what I read, I’ll probably need to get started on some HCG.

It was recommended to me to take 500iu eod (and I mean eod not m w f)

I have two 5000iu vials and was told to use 2mg bac water.

What I can’t find is how long to run the HCG. Do I “cycle” off after I finish a vial and see how I feel or do I just keep running it while I’m trying to pump up my balls?

I don’t want to become desensitized to it and then it won’t work. I have done the reading I can, but my doctor won’t even have this talk with me so I’m a little lost on the actual protocol.

What do you think? Do I just run it as long as I’m trying to have a kid or do I just run it here and there?

You’d be the first one ever to have this happen, so I wouldn’t be concerned.

As long as you want. I’m on it for life. For fertility maintenance you’d use it until you slip one past the goalie.

Maybe a little too much. At least not as a maintenance dose. Perhaps the first few weeks you can go that heavy but otherwise 250 eod would be more than sufficient.

I really appreciate the thorough reply! Thanks so much!

Stay in it until you conceive.

250IU MWF will work for fertility.


You could, some do.