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Length of Time for First Cycle?


So ive been thinking of running test cyp/enan fo rmy first cycle for 8-10 weeks dosed at 500MG a weeks.
Would this be viable for a begginner?
you recover faster from shorter cycles correct?


Correct. The less time you spend on cycle, the better chance you will have at a successful recovery.

500mg of test E/C for 8-10 weeks is a good beginner cycle as long as you add an AI and a proper PCT.

Frontload the test and you'll have an even better cycle.


Can you aware me on front loading?
I have the Ai And pct down.


Could you aware me on front loading?
I already have my Ai and pct down


Take 1g the first week instead of 500mg.


For a beginner, I believe the cycle you proposed is the best there is, with the duration (8,9, or 10) weeks depending on when you feel your gains slow way down. And as for frontloading, there're so many different philosophies, equations, and whatnot.... I just double the dose of my first shot and from there continue on as normal.



Take a look at that, covers a lot of the front loading aspects...


Depending on how my body reacts during cycle i MAY(big maybe) extend it to a 12 weeks cycle at the longest. Not to mention i wont feel anything till after week 4.
My dad is about to be on trt so i may watch him for a month and see how his body reacts

I read that thread popeye posted
seems too confusing
I know you only pin twice a week with long ester's
something like
Sunday 500mg
thursday 500mg
then from week 2-10
250mg every injection


Great advice. No need to go longer if the gains aren't coming anymore.


So here's what Bill Roberts had on the other thread:
"To achieve the planned steady state levels, the formula is always the same: inject on day 1 an amount which is the sum of what the usual injection would be plus the sum of what the total injections would be over the half-life of the particular drug."

The front load formula is basically this:
Front Load dose = (entire week amount)*(half life in days)/(days in week) + (your first dose amount)

So if you want to do 500mg/week of Test C injecting twice a week then your front load dose (your first injection only) would be FL=500*8/7+250 = 821mg

I know everyone likes to argues over half lives; but Bill uses 8days in his discussion for Test C so thats what i'm using here. You could go with 750mg (because its easier to measure) for the first injection, then 250mg for all the rest.