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Length of Time for Complete Gel Absorption

I have a generic pump gel. I have read conflicting information about the amount of time it takes for it to be absorbed. I have read less than am hour, 2 hours 6 hours, and until it gets washed off. My issue is sweating, i worry that i am going to lose some by sweating it off or out of my pours. I. Put it on a couple hours before work and lotion when it dries. I am getting on the injections because when it’s over like 55°f I sweat constantly so i know during most of the year i wouldnt even be able to make the hour.

You can put this on your shoulders( belly and other areas that don’t sweat as much.

I was on androgen many years ago and hated it. Dropped it cold turkey and do not recall any adverse side effects . maybe it wasn’t even working haha. I was in my 20s though…

Anyways everything I’ve read leads to gels being inconsistent and everyone absorbs diffeeently. Just try to dry it before putting clothes on and I’m sure it’s not just going to be sweat pushing it out of the pours. I believe it goes into the blood stream very quickly:

FYI you can try cream for Scotland application: many great reviews about this: it absorbs quick and they say it helps a ton with sexual function. I’d try this if I wasn’t on injections and maybeo the down the road I’ll give it a go.