Length of Test E Only

How long can I take 1.5 cc twice a week test 250 e


Ok ok​:rofl: what would you like a selfie :camera:I’m 46 been on test for 10 weeks I’m 210 lbs bmi is bought 25% I’m currently trying to drop weight I hit gym like a beast my gains are great I dunno what info you need Sir hence the beginner tag

No need or a selfie, it’s just your post is lacking scope.

“How long can you take this much test?”
-Literally as long as you want.

Most people will cycle for 12-16 weeks.


Are you cycling, or blast and cruise? Any negative side effects? High BP, gyno, hair loss…?

The first question is pretty important. If you are cycling, I wouldn’t go more than 16 weeks. Blast and cruise, I think there are some advantages in longer blasts.

I just cycling wrapping up 10 weeks on test e but decided I’m going to push few more weeks no sides just strength and injuries :rofl: thank u for ur input

If you’re going to be going on and off, you’re probably better off just going blast and cruise tbh. Or just sticking to TRT.

Watch the estrogen, blood pressure, and HCT.

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