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Length of Freshness?


I have some caps of Dbol and Winnie in my possession and I was wondering what the shelf life might be. Also a vial of test E.

Any ideas?


I myself have yet to find a solid "exp date" for this stuff but I keep stuff in my freezer and I have used Dbol that was capped up myself that I have had in my possession for well over 4 years and thats not to mention how long the guy before me had his hands on it and how he stored it.
that batch worked as expected,I have also made liquid Dbol out of a different batch that I have had for over a year and again no issues at all.

The stuff may degrade some but its not noticeable,not to say you can keep it in your cupboard for eons like spam,or Twinkies but it does last a long while. just store it in a dry,dark airtight place I put mine in a freezer bag and squeeze all the air out that I can and leave it in the back of my freezer in a Tupperware bowl


This is good news...
I was thinking about doing that with the caps. But the oil... wonder if the vial will crack. I know I will have to cook it again in the oven to get it back to a sterile point.

Anyone else care to chime in?


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I doubt anybody knows for sure. The U.S. Gov't has done some in-depth studies of shelf lives for various drugs, since it stockpiles large quantities and replacing them periodically is a huge expense. The general conclusion was that the useful shelf life often far exceeds what the manufacturer states (which is just a "cover-your-ass" estimate and perhaps even an attempt to sell more drugs). Excessive heat, and sunlight will degrade many drugs much more quickly. But neither is a real concern for most.

Some drugs we know have a short shelf life--HCG once reconstituted, for example. Others...any figure is really just speculation. But it's not likely that an 'expired' drug would be dangerous, just less effective.



Hey Bushy, long time.

The storage conditions were room temp dark. But I did take one shot out of the vial.
Orals are the same deal.