LeMond Slams Armstrong

Lance is back in yellow!!! What a great race to the finish today. Tomorrow will be the big day! Basso is looking strong as hell. Ullrich didnt look half bad either.


I followed the live updates this morning, then I just got home and caught the last 5k or so on OLN. What an awesome finish.

Can’t wait for L’Alpe d’Huez tomorrow. I kind of feel a 14 hour bug coming on, I might have to stay home in the morning. Live coverage out here is 6:30-9:30, I already told my boss not to look for me before 10.


Holy shit.

Passed his 2 minute man, 61 seconds better than Ullrich. That almost wasn’t even human.

He was unbelievable today… Basso must have almost shit when Lance pulled up alongside him. Not taking anything from Lance but Ullrich was a damn machine today as well. That was a great TT to watch. Almost 1 million people there to watch. Azevedo was strong as hell too.

Go Lance!!

Lance kicked some serious butt.

To put the performance in perspective, he did 1 second less well then Pantani… who had done the climb at the end of an arduous stage.