My grocery store just got this stuff. All the calories are from pure Canola oil or egg.

It’s cheaper, better tasting, and longer lasting than homemade mayo.

My dad used to make that when I was a kid.

Look up a recipe for real mayonaise. You’ll be surprised at what you can do with the flavors. It is very flexable, and has nothing to do with the cullinary chemistry that comes in a jar marked as mayonaise.

cheaper ???

that jar costs $4.00 you can get the same yield with 2 eggs and a cup of canola oil.

better tasting ???

i’m sure it tastes better than helman’s …but i really don’t think i need to defend fresh, homemade mayo.

longer lasting ???

for the money you spend on that 120z jar you could buy enough eggs and oil to make 6 times that…at least.just use one egg at a time. make what you need, eat what you make. and you got nothing to throw away. in my town i pay $2.50 per trash bag. so i’m not anxious to be filling that sucker up too often. not to mention i’m not eating food that’s been put on a refrigerated truck and driven across the country. seems outright ridiculous if you think about how it only takes two minutes to make.