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Lemon Juice and Olive Oil Liver Cleanse


I see alot on the internet that lemon juice and olive oil with water in the morning upon awakening can help cleanse the liver.

Just seeing if there was any truth to it. I googled it with a couple of gurus I follow like Poliquin and came up with nothing. I know Poliquin has his own liver protocol.

Anyone ever done this cleanse or know if its total BS or actually does help the liver.

Thanks everyone.



Lemon juice and cayenne


Is your liver dirty?


if your just looking to do a liver cleanse for general health just have lemon juice and water in the morning on an empty stomach

AC vinegar and cayenne can help too


I suspect I might have some liver issues. So I thought I would try to do a cleanse. Was going to run lemon juice and olive oil with lipotropic excellence for a few weeks then do Poliquins H09/H12 liver protocol.

Been doing the olive oil and lemon juice the past three mornings. Been having the runs but wondered if it could be the amino acids I have added to my diet. Switched over to three meals a day, one post workout shake, and instead of snacks taking in BCAA and glutamine. Also added 10 grams of glycine and 10 grams of bcaa to my post workout shake.

Anyways not sure whats causing the runs.


or you could just support your body's natural detoxification pathways with: water, walking, magnesium, digestive enzymes, probiotics, and vit C.

Don't rush it (if you don't know what the term "herxheimer reaction" means, look it up on the webz).


It did work for me

When I started I got constipated for 2 days and was bloated, and the shit I took was like super compacted dust(was never like that)

I went from waking up at 4am sneezing like mad to being able to put my face in dust without sneezing

I had allergy problem with my eyes, my doctor gave me drops and told me to put cold water on my eyes but it was making things worst, but now it doesn't.. but it's not like I need that anymore my eyes are fine now

Lemon water, digestive enzymes, metamucil/psyllium fiber is a good start and probably all you'll need(liver cleanse are extremely simple and I don't get the "witch hunt" ppl do against them)

But if your problem is diarrhea I'd go with good quality(extremely important)probiotic/yogourt and metamucil... liver cleanse helped me with brain fog/allergy.. but did little to help my digestion


I drink tons of water daily although only have is filtered. At work I just drink out of faucet and usually add lime or lemon juice to it.

Currently doing split routine twice a week. Brisk walking once a week. Mobility and conditioning drills once a week, stairmaster once a week, and golf or yard work once a week. This is my current routine.

The tendonitis in my forearms limits my strength training. Use to train 3-4 times a week but for two years I have had tendonitis all over my body. I have really incorporated stretching and mobility into routine and have gotten ride of other tendon issues except in forearms.

I take tri-salts after workout with shake. Also take mag and zinc before bed at night. Always chelated form. Been doing this for two years.

Take 1-3 grams of vit C a day.

Can you please recommend a good quality probiotic and digestive enzyme. I usually order alot of my stuff from vitacost.


Thats very interesting one of my health issues is allergies. I use to never have allergies and in the past two years sneeze all the time and was getting sinus infections. I started DHEA in Jan this year and havent gotten sick at all, however I still sneeze alot and this summer have gotten eaten up my bugs and have bad reactions with lots of swelling. Again never had any problems with bugs or bug bites in the past. (by the way my DHEA tested at 44 but since taking DHEA levels are up in 400s where it should be)


My questions at this point are...

A. What are some good brands of digestive enzymes.

B. What are some good probiotics?

C. Am I suppose to fast on this cleanse? I was wanting to cut down to 3 meals a day and just do some amino acids between meals to give my digestive system more rest. Any thoughts? I trie fasting and failed miserable at this. Felt like crap and ended up bing eating. I have in the past thrown in days of just pure vegetables and did fairly well with that.

D. Should olive oil and lemon juice be directly upon awakening, before bed, or both?

E. Any other suggestions supplements wise?

F. How long to stay on the lemon juice and olive oil?

Thanks for all the help folks. I will be adding some cayenne pepper to the lemon juice.


i like betaine HCl w/ pepsin for digestion


Have you talked to a Dr about your tendonitis and allergy issues? It almost sounds as though you might be having autoimmune issues. Did the advent of the tendon issues and allergies coincide with any foreign travel, tick bites, fever, flu symptoms, etc?

FWIW, I use digestive enzymes from metagenics and they work wonders for me.

<---------- Not an MD


I didn't stress over the small details, I just tried it for the sake of it(well I was trying to get rid of allergies I developed in a couple of months). I didn't fast or anything.

It was either in the morning or before going to sleep, or when I knew I wouldn't be eating for a while, those are the 3 different patterns I use. I still use it once a month or so(lemons are cheap and who doesn't have olive oil on this website?)

I didn't use it for long, like 2 days, I got really bloated and constipated the first few times I tried (Now it doesn't do that anymore) so I didn't do it for long

I don't order my stuff online so I can't help you with the probiotic/digestive enzymes



I have been seeing a doctor for two years with very little help. I keep going to her because shes good about doing any blood work I request and finds a way for my insurance to cover it without any money out of pocket.

I spoke to my chiropractor about it and he agreed that it is odd that I had or have roaming tendonitis, especially with the fact that its been two years, my diet is relatively clean, and I exercise, stretch, foam roll, etc. on a regular basis.

He referred me to a Rheumatologist and I saw him. I go back in a couple of weeks to go over my blood work. The rheumatologist did say that it raised a red flag with him considering I have had multiple endocrine issues. I asked him and he said he would refer me to an endocrinologist if it didnt seem to be an autoimmune issue.

Symptoms or problems:
Hypothyroid - currently taking Armour 45mg upon awakening. 30mg around lunch time. 15mg before bed.
Low DHEA - currently taking 50mg DHEA
Low Testosterone - currently taking HCG and more than tripled my test and free scores.
Elevated LDL - I was predominately using cyclo ketogenic diet. However for past month or so have gone back to Zone diet.
Belly Fat - Cant seem to lean up like I use to and a large chunk of fat is sitting on belly and obliques.
Increased Allergies
Fatigued and tired all the time.
Tendonitis that wont clear up.
Low Vitamin D - around 38 but have been taking 60K iu twice a week so hopefully this number will be much more elevated next go around of blood work.
Insomnia - although since taking DHEA and HCG this has improved to some degree.
Low back pain - also improved since Vit D, DHEA, and HCG. I also switched to front squat only and only doing roman deadlifts and cut out regular deadlifts.

I look more like the before picture in my avatar. I havent been lean in two years. Grant it I havent been able to train like I wanted and went through some mild depression due to either my hormone profile or just feeling like crap.

Been training consistenly for 4 months and although strength continues to improve I am no where what I use to be and cosmetically I am embarassed of myself.

Read where liver can impact the thyroid, allergies, tendonitis, etc. So I thought I would give a cleanse a go.


I take this already with my meals. I forget the brand I use. Been doing this for over a year now.


I had forgotten about that article. Thanks for reminding me. I will add some of these tips to my program.


green tea can help liver as well


Pro-biotic: I like primadophilus; it's enteric coated to help it survive the stomach acid and get into the intestine. You can help that along by taking it right before your first meal each day. Keep in the fridge.

Digestive enzyme: my fav is Ultra-ActiZyme by Nature's Plus; two-stage release tablets, take with a meal twice a day.


Liver cleans itself. Thats what it does. It cleans the whole body and doesn't need any help as long as you dont try to poison it.


Try this:

1) Stop taking ALL supps and drugs, except ones prescribed (allergies, etc). THIS will help your liver more than anything. Give it a week and see how you feel.

2) Try ice and ART for tendons