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Lemon GROW bars

How do they taste ? I’m thinking about ordering a new batch of grow bars, and all I’ve had is the P&B bars. I love lemon bars, but I’ve never bit into a protein lemon bar before.


They are awesome! Light, fluffy, moist with little pockets of this lemony jelly stuff… Reminds me of that gum, Gushers. My boy prefers Grow bars to candy bars and takes them for his “snack” at school. Hell, if a seven year old digs them, dig 'em.

They have a real lemon flavor. You will like them.

They are very sweet–if you like lemon cookies you’ll like them. If you don’t like intense sweetness you’ll probably prefer the PB.

i don’t know i tried the lemon and at first it taste like a lemon starburst. but the after taste got to me. my fav is the peanut butter ones. but each to there own

Lemon GROW! Bars are my favorite! Yum.

I don’t like lemon flavored anything, except Grow bars. They’re excellent, very “cakey” and moist. I like the PB too. I put them in the fridge and eat them ice cold. Good stuff.

I don’t like the flavour at all! But, of all the Grow bars I’ve tried they’re the easiest to ingest.

If only everything tasted like Surge, now that’s an AWESOME taste.


Well down under we don’t eat Peanut Butter in sweets like you do in the US. Peanut butter is generally saved for on toast or bread.

So I have to go with the lemon grow bars. As far as I’m concerned all protein bars are crap, but Lemon Grow bars are the least crap of all that I’ve tried.

They sure can’t compare to a chocolate bar (Hmmmm chocolate), and I don’t consider them to be a treat, but at least they are edible.

The Lemon bars are the only thing Biotest has made that I am not impressed with. Unless I just got a bad one. I think the peanut butter ones are great though.

If they ever made a surge flavored bar I would buy them by the case. (Hint hint.)

I agree that the peanut butter bars are pretty tasty. The lemon doesn’t quite measure up for me though.
I could deal with Surge at first but have gotten to the point where I have to make my own mixture of whey and maltodextrin.
I was using one scoop of Surge pre-workout in the morning on an empty stomach and another scoop after. Just can’t do it anymore. Too sweet! I do like the taste of Power Drive. And, chocolate Low Carb Grow! is excellent.

lemon bars taste great. I feel guilty when I eat 'em cuz they taste like candy.

With only two flavors I don’t know why you make one of them lemon flavored.
That’s right up there with licorice
as undesirable flavors.New flavors please