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Lemme In!


6 years in SSgt USAF, currently bulking in korea. All about it!


Welcome aboard.


Watch out for crotch fruit. They drink your blood when you sleep.


Stay away from the Jucies .. they all have the clap!!


I am not so sure about this term. I prefer "crotch critters." Fruit is yummy. Critters are icky.

Oh, and "hi," new dude.


To the new guy: The picture is a sign of things to come. If you sleep while on T-Nation, create threads without pictures, act like a troll, or catch the ghey, this creepy thing will crawl out of your crotch and drink your blood dry.

And always remember our T-Nation motto: Stick it in her pooper


Great advice, Wol. Hopefully he takes it to heart. Don't need any more trolls around here.


Welcome welcome.

Now who is that in your avatar?


That would be Frank McGrath.

You're welcome.


I didn't say thank you.


Well you should.


Yeah, I see where this is going.


Where is it going?


Apparently, it's running away from the unsheathed... crotch... fruit... in your avatar.


I always hated bananas. Such a dirty fruit.


You're going to get this sent straight to SAMA.


And: Pics or it didn't happen.


Thank you. I knew I forgot something.


I like boobies.


That's just disturbing...

Welcome aboard! How's the Bul-Go-Gi? Should make a good bulking food.