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Lemme Hear It


What's good guys, I need anyones opinion or experience with two different pieces of equipment, 1. a slingshot 2. the bar attachment that mimics a 2 board press. My dad's birthday is coming up and I was going to buy him one of them. If you have good or bad experiences let me hear them! Appreciate it

EDIT: sorry I forgot to mention he's turning 46


As long as your dad has a training partner or a power rack to bench in I would go with the Slingshot. The 2-board attachment is easy to duplicate by making your own two board and either sticking it under a large shirt or using a band to secure it if you don't have a training partner, while the Slingshot can't be duplicated near as easily.

The Slingshot also has more potential uses as it can be used to overload dips and overhead presses as well as while benching. The only reason I add the caution about having either a training partner or a rack to bench in is that the Slingshot functions somewhat like a bench shirt in that you can get in trouble relatively quickly if you get out of the groove.


Definitely the Slingshot, multifaceted like Dave stated. You can always go to home depot for boards.


All excellent points....thanks guys! Slingshot it is! Potential son of the year award?


I bought my dad two hookers and a bag of Viagra!! LOL JK