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Leigh Holland Lifts the Dinnie Stones


So I stumbled upon this on the youtube. Leigh Holland lifts the Dinnie stones. Apparently 733 lbs. Is there anyone knowledgeable about this? There is no way that girl is lifting 733 lbs in that awkward position. If so then I am truly impressed. It has to be easier then a conventional deadlift then.

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It is an awkward position but look at the legs, the ROM is tiny


Yes the Dinnie Stones are real (I hope to get to Scotland and lift them plus other stones at some point). Some guy found them by a river (one was in it if I remember) after they were lost for a long time. But they were one of many stones to prove your worth as a male in Scotland - commonly known as manhood stones.

Yes she lifted them, only one other female has managed to do it before and that was in the 70s or something.


Rogue Fitness made a documentary called Stoneland (available on YouTube, about 45 minutes long) in which the Dinnie Stones are discussed at length. I suggest you watch it. Only 45 minutes and highly enjoyable for fans of the strength sports. At the time it was made, only one woman (Jan Todd) had ever lifted them.

The weight, awkward position, and short ROM make it hard to directly compare to standard lifts. To be honest some of the guys who have lifted the Dinnies don’t look like monsters themselves - it’s all in the technique for them. I bet there are people with 700+ deadlifts who couldn’t lift the Dinnies, and people that can barely pull 500 pounds who CAN lift them - just check out Stevie Shanks in the documentary.





I barely managed to write that post. You expect me to read that. Haha jk thanks for sharing.


Nothing awkward about the Jefferson deadlift, and easily the best deadlift variation to lift these stones with.


I bet whoever added the caption to that photo still sniggers at it: Bob Hirsh and his enormous Jefferson…


Seriously beating myself up for not laughing at that earlier.


Yes and no. Yes because of the stance, but no because of hand and upper body placement. The best variation would be two loading pins with thing metal rings for handles with the plates touching each other in the same position as the dinnies. A Jefferson lift would help build the muscle and strength required for doing them, but all deadlift and row variants would be just as good. Probably should throw in some practice with what I stated before if you were purposely training for the dinnies themselves.


You’re forgetting that the handle size is very thin and digs into your hands beyond belief, the positioning is weird, and a Barbell has give, and a specific loading of weight. Stones are completely different in the sense that one side weighs more than the other. Not to mention the dinnies aren’t the same weight or size themselves.