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Leiby Kletzky, 8 Years Old


So....what age do you allow your kids to walk home alone? My parents wouldn't let me stay home alone or go home alone after school until I was 12. This kid's mother prepared with him, walking the route several times. This was a close knit community. Everyone knew everyone else. It was only 7 blocks.....how do parents protect their kids?


Not sure. But I am sure that if I was the dictator of the US, I would take the killer, put him on live TV and chain saw his arms and legs off. Then I would blow torch his wounds shut and leave him in the street.

I would do this to all the sickos and murderers out there and then you would live in a safer place. The VIOLENT only understand VIOLENCE so you have to stoop down to their level and punish them accordingly.

And that's why this country is going to shit.


People that do these things are not rational in the first place. They just don't get it and you can't make them get it. It doesn't matter what you show them or tell them.


IT is a despicable horrible act. However, this type of occurrence is not new. It is just more publicized with our media these days.

You protect yourself from a car wreck by driving safely and wearing your seatbelt, does that insure 100% safety? No.

You can take measures to protect a child, but nothing is always certain. Once again, its very unfortunate and when I have kids I will teach them street smarts and self defense to hopefully mitigate an issue such as that.


As a parent, the whole thing makes me sick.

Where is the line between protecting and overprotecting? Hard to say, but I bet more parents will err on the side of overprotecting due to this incident.


In his confession, the guy said how "this may be wrong" or something like that. "May" be wrong? It IS wrong. He is obviously not all there. Wonder if he will be declared mentally incompetent, if he doesn't understand why what he did is so wrong.


Blacks and latino kids die every day like this. It happens to a jew and all the tribe is up in arms--because THEY control the media.


yes. absolutely.

they force us to buy newspapers, to watch TV and even to read blogs.

and, if only they recounted correctly the countless deaths of black and latinos kids, we would care so much about them.


I'm pretty sure no ethnicity of kid is dying by being suffocated and dismembered and put in a trash bin EVERY day. THAT is the horror of the story, not the fact a kid got killed. The fact they can track the kid's movements up until he got kidnapped is the horror of the story. The fact that it was daylight and people saw this kid and the guy is the horror of the story. The fact that a kid is dead is NOT the horror of the story. It is the facts surrounding the death that is the true horror of the story.

Get it, now?


garcia makes a fair point - cases from poor, inner city neighborhoods involving black and latino children DEFINITELY don't get the same kind of Media attention that a pretty white girl from an upper class neighborhood would get. He could have worded his point with a bit more tact, but his point is fair.


Its just more rare when Jews kill one of their own. I don't know if that makes it more newsworthy, but its definitely more interesting.


If I remember correctly I was allowed to walk home from school around the age of 8 or 9....though, it was only about a three quarters of a mile walk through a village which didn't have too much in the way of traffick & random people 'passing' through.

Just depends on the maturity level of the kid + the area they live in etc.


A dog biting a man isn't news. A man biting a dog is.

LBJ's Great Society has ruined the lives of so many that we don't even notice when a black man kills another.

It is a huge tragedy and it is not racism that drives it.