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Lehat3rs Training Log


I figure the best way to keep an everlasting record of something is to write it on the net, so here goes. Trying to beat my level of strength (in the general meaning of the word) from when I was playing rugby (little over 1 1/2 years out). First recorded workout of the year. Weighing at a lovely 171 lbs with about 5 lbs in each ass cheek (Thanks ATG Front Squats!) .

-Warm-up on a recumbent cycle for five minutes, increasing the resistance every 20-30 seconds.

Then after putting the kines tape on my blasted IT band I go to work.

-Deadlifts (no mirror, in vibrams, standard olympic barbell)

275x5 *normal grip
325x8 *mixed grip
325x10 *using hooks
375x3 *mixed grip
375x2 *using hooks

Note: I've noticed that while the hooks help me hold the weight longer, it ruins my ability to explode off the floor with the bar because of the initial slack. Doing this from a deficit somehow doesn't seem to help either..even going all the way up to 3" off the floor (anything more is really pushing it considering my barely above average height).


-DB Pressing Movements
Standing DB Press - 65#s x12
Seated DB Press - 70#s x9
~70 deg Incline - 75#s x8
~45 deg Incline - 80#s x6
~20 deg Incline - 85#s x5
never do flat, so there

Then my very bizarre superset exercise combination of

-Good Mornings and Military Press
GM 135#x6 + MP 135#x10 *no cheat
GM 135#x7 + MP 135#x15 *cheat after the 9th rep (ie push-press)

Note: before someone says good god (if anyone actually will read this besides me) you're weakening your lower back and are gonna slip a disc... I won't because the weight isn't significant for the good mornings, it's more about the eccentric loading on the hammies.

Then my attempt at creating the shoulders of Dwight Howard

-DB Bentover Rear Delt Raises + Standing Lateral Raises + Front Raises (~30 seconds rest between each set of each exercise)

1st set is usually with some controlled 'grish
Rear - 70#s x6
Lateral - 60#s x5
Front - 50#s x5

Rear - 65#s x6
Lateral - 55#s x6
Front - 45#s x7

Rear - 60#s x10
Lateral - 50#s x9
Front - 40#s x10

Rest 60s

Front-Lateral-Rear - #35s x13x15x22

In-between all of this I'll usually do a set of pull-ups every two-three sets for a controlled but fast 6-8 reps.

The cool-down is essentially non-existent because I end up doing around 30 minutes of yoga afterwards ("borrowed" a p90x DVD from a friend).

Tomorrow's workout: Back (Gasp, after a DL day!) & "Core" even though core means something completely different if you're a strength coach.


Today; skipped the Abs for some intervals with a friend (little did I know my IT would not allow me to go more than 300m before flaming up). Otherwise;


scapular activation, scap pull-ups, inverted shrugs, medball pushups

-DB Rows

100#s x12
110#s x10
120#s x8
130#s x6
140#s x3 *lost a giant patch of skin on left palm, thankfully, underneath that callous was another callus..
140#s x4

-Pendlay Rows


-DB Shrugs Cable Pulldowns



Lost track of this, started keeping a real log (you know, paper & pen) and been dealing with some injuries (ITBS successfully recovered from, just started running again, slowly, been doing 1-mile warm-ups before each strength session to gradually bring myself back) including a new one thanks to an exercise I never like doing (shrugs) that tweaked one of the neck/shoulder muscles so I couldn't move my head side to side for a day and gradually (with icy hot, kines tape, and localized vibration massage treatments) has restored itself to about 80% so I'm back to lifting. These are the exercises I did/could do that didn't tweak the damn thing today.

Check-in weight: 174.5#

1-mile warm-up at 7:30 pace

DB Rows (no straps/hooks)
-100#x10 real easy
-110#x10 easy
-120#x10 moderately easy
-130#x5 easy
-140#x5 effing hard
-130#x9 on the money

Weighed Pullups (Belt w/chain & carbine)
-BWx5 effortless
-BW+35#x10 real easy
-BW+45#x5 easy
-BW+55#x5 on the money
-BW+65#x4 effing hard
-BW+75#x1 (just a static hold near-peak for as long as I could)
-BW+45#x8 fast as possible, on the money + BWx8 fast as possible, real easy

Bent/Pendlay BB Rows
-135#x12 bent, real easy
-185#x12 bent, easy
-205#x10 bent, easy-ish
-225#x8 bent, on the money
-245#x5 pendlay, effing hard
-265#x3 pendlay, effing harder

EZBar Upright Rows (haven't done these in forever)
-80#x12 real easy
-90#x12 still real easy
-100#x10 easy
-110#x10 easy-sh
-no higher # bars...

Cable Crunches (with full extension and dead-stop between reps)
-Allthedamnweightthereis x12 middle, two-handle rope
Push-ups - 55
-Allthedamnweightthereis x7 side-to-side, two-handle rope
Push-ups - 43
-Allthedamnweighthereis x15 middle, single-handle rope
Push-ups - 47
-Allthedamnweightthereis x5 side-to-side, single-handle rope

Wide-Leg Sit-ups w/Twist x25
V-Up to Jack-Knife x23
Decline Sit-ups x22

DB Bicep Curls (Alt.)

And I'm doing a new thing as part of both an attempt to read more and do some more cardio/fat loss..

Walked on treadmill for 30 minutes, top speed 4.4 mph, top incline 9.0% - ? miles
Followed by a reclining bike for 10 minutes @ 10 (?) at 80 RPM - 3 miles