Legwork Question

[quote]Leonard2580 wrote:
My question is, if I can’t get into the gym for leg day then what are some things I can do at my home gym?[/quote]
Bulgarian split squats and goblet squats were going to be my first suggestions. You’re doing front squats on the Smith machine?

Other options would be lunges, step-ups, sissy squats, dumbbell deads/squats, dumbbell RDLs, and dumbbell swings.

Not leg training specifically, but check out these two articles for some more Smith machine uses:

If your family has already set up a nice home gym, it shouldn’t be too hard to persuade them to get a rack (or just squat stands in there’s a space issue). Craigslist can be worth a shot, but as was mentioned, it’s very hit or miss. Ordering online is definitely more reliable, but shipping is a hurdle. Looking around at local sporting goods stores will be easier, but the quality is sometimes questionable.

If you want a weekend project, search online for “building homemade jerk boxes.” Those would also be good options if space is an issue.