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Legs Twice a Week


Im on king beefs 4 day split. Legs sunday, chest tris, calves monday, rest tuesday, back and bis wednesday, rest thurs, fri shoulders, traps, calves. Just wondering since I have chicken legs I was thinking I would add a second leg day. When would you guys add in a second day? And would you emphasize on a diff muscle group or do a similar leg workout to sundays?

Also, this question has nothing to do with it but on bench press I have always done full extend to touching my chest however recently a buddy told me to stop the bar 2in above my chest? What do you guys think? Ive been doing and my lift has gone way up. Just wondering if I should continue or will I hurt something? I heard its rough on the shoulder to stop the movement above the chest.


Try it for a few weeks and see how you do.


Alright you know anything about the bench press issue?


Of course it went way up lol you didnt do the entire lift

go all the way down lol


Haha well thats what I figured...but some people stop 2in above their chest so I didnt know hahah. no wonder my bench was at 280...lol


BP: Some people stop 2" above their chest because going full ROM can place too much stress on the shoulder joint, for some people.



Worked incredibly for me

be prepared...it's simple, not easy :wink:


people who have this issue shouldn't be benching in the first place.


That makes no sense.


The issue with going 2in above the chest is that 2in can become 2 1/2 really easily as you get to new weight, which can very easily become 3 in, which can very easily become...well...you get the picture.


Why not? If you're shoulders can't handle the stress of a full ROM bench then there's some rehabbing and/or technique tweaking that needs to take place before anything else.


^ this ... too many people only think about the weight on the bar and completely disregard what they actually do with it


If you really have "chicken legs", then I'd recommend the same general leg workout biweekly.


Plenty of guys stop the bar above the chest; that doesn't mean they shouldn't be benching (whether flat or incline). Like someone else said, it can turn into 2.5 inches, 3, and so on, but assuming that is not the case then there's no reason to ditch the lift simply because a full ROM causes discomfort.


FWIW I think the reasoning is that if the condition of your shoulders is hampering your bench then it probably hurts other thing as well. Simply addressing a problem without solving it isn't always the best option.


Yes I agree. I was only commenting on the idea that you should ditch a lift anytime a full ROM is not possible. There's always exceptions.


I think in the OP's case it makes more sense to stick with the standard ROM unless or until his individual experience proves better.


OP try the legs 2x a week for a month or two.

I'm a fan of two leg days a week, however I do a quad dominant day, and a hamstring dominant day (calves on both). I've seen some great growth out of that since beginning at the start of the summer.


Alright. Thanks for all the input. Ill go back to doing full reps. And Ill add in the second leg day. I do have new questions now though! haha.
First, when I was told to do the 2in BP thing, my friend also said that I should arch my back as much as possible and put my toes on the ground, so lift up the heels of my feet? This make sense? Ive always just tried the flat as possible back because I heard arching your back could hurt you. Next question about the legs..
Heres my leg workout:
Leg Curls 4x6-8
Romanian Deadlifts 4x8-10
Leg Press (loosen up) 4x8-10
Front Squats 3x8-10
Hack squats 3x8-10.
So if I do this leg workout sunday and I add in the second leg workout say thursday. Can I switch in normal deadlifts for the romanians every leg workout, because I hella want to add in normal deads. What do you reccomend? Thanks again.


Step 1: find an article on benching on this site (trust me there are PLENTY to choose from)
Step 2: read the article
Step 3: repeat steps 1&2 as many times as needed until the information sinks in (with different articles)

What you should get out of all this is that there are many different ways to set up for benching and you should tweak your set up until you find a position that: A. fits with your goals (strength or mass building) and B. is the most comfortable and works the best for YOU.

What works for one person may be the exact opposite of what works for you.