Legs Shaking on Machines

Well this has been happening to me ever since i’ve started using the weight machines, it’s quite creepy actually. Well today i was on the leg press machine as i recall it was during the eccentric phase (:D) when my legs would start to…sort of ‘shake’ rapidly…

it was nothing to do with how heavy the weight was i even went down some weight just to see if the same thing would happen and it did, i mean it’s real heavy duty ‘shaking’ but i could still go through with the movement no problem at all, looks scary as hell though! does anyone know if this will sort itself out? or have i got a real cause of concern?

you’re probably learning a new motor pattern, and thus working on your nerves or something. Try a one-legged squat for the first time, you’ll shake a lot on the negative but not on the concentric.