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Legs: Sets & Time Under Tension

So first ill say that my knees are not the strongest ones.Sometimes i get knee pain as it feels like its blocking/stucks somewhere. So im not happy of going realy heavy.
I like training with ‘‘time under tension’’ when muscle pain makes me cry or scream.

This is my old leg day plan. Can some one suggest somthing new that would make me scream? I want 28 inch legs :frowning:
Yes, my old plan is kinda crazy but it was working for me

6 sets of legpress -3 sets of kinda low weight but each set gets from 50-100 reps. And 3 sets heavy 13-20 reps.
5sets of hack squats-medium weight.
9sets of squats-medium to heavy weights reps 12-20. Last set 30 reps.
10 sets of seated Leg Curls-kinda light weight

If it’s working, why change?

However, since you brought it up…

Do you progressively increase weight over time?

As an aside, you do so many sets and reps, I’m wondering if you’re really challenging yourself. I mean, I agree that 10 sets of light weight leg curls would make me want to cry and scream too, but so would 1000 jumping jacks a day. But that’s not going to make me grow big and strong.

Can you reduce the sets, increase the weight and perhaps move closer to your goals?

i think yeah… bigger and more quad seperation . not by much but it was there.
Last three weeks i was changing my plan… was puting more weight and reducing reps but i was not feeling that great pump(my little day victory)/pain/soreness after gym.
Monday is my leg day… so i have time for new crazy workout plan.
I feel confused because i dont know really what make my quads grow best.

I think if i do 3 sets of heavy squats and 3 sets of legpress my legs wont grow( if my knees will withstand it).

Whats your leg day plan?

[quote]xseoman wrote:
I think if i do 3 sets of heavy squats and 3 sets of legpress my legs wont grow( if my knees will withstand it).

Whats your leg day plan?[/quote]

There’s a middle ground between the 29 sets of high rep leg exercises you were doing and 6 sets of squats and leg press. You need to find that sweet spot of sets, reps, and weight.

My legs are truly awful, but since you asked:

superset knee ext/knee curls 5 x 15
Front squat 5 x 6
Leg press 5 x 15
Lunge 4 x 10
Trap bar DL (high rep, high weight for time eg: 17 triples on the minute)

Then, depending on my energy levels and time I’ll do:

Reverse hypers
Hip bridge and heel drag on a stability ball (shhhh!)

I have tryd doing sets slower… exmpl squats/legpress > 3 seconds going down and 3 seconds up. Its hiting really hard but i dont know if they are efficient. Well… i must figure something out.

Calves,hamstrings im doing other day (Thursday-today). Have no complains on them. going really heavy.

Here is a list of exercises that may work for you. With some tweaking, you might find you’re able to modify them to your liking.

I think the knee pain needs addressed.

When/where does it hurt?

How are you currently warming up before leg sessions?

Last time i got knee pain from lunges… sometimes i think i can get this pain from really heavy weights and wrong stance/walking(lunges).But there is few times when they start hurt when im doing really light or out of the gym(doing some work). they hurt only for few days( 2-3 days max) then i can hit legs like nothing had happen.

Last few leg days i have successfully avoided knee pain by warming up with bike and streching my quads all the time… before all sets. When i start to feel that soon there will be pain in knee i start streching it. I think thats helping me…i hope.

Ive talked this with few powerlifters and some bodybuilders that it may be ‘‘knee cross links’’ i dont know how to translate to english properly.

well, knee pain doing squats is usually caused by valgus collapse. From now on, in your warm up, try:

-3 sets side lying clams (can use a resistance band around the knees for these)
-3 sets bodyweight hip thrusts
-3 sets bird dogs

really concentrate on getting a good burn in the glutes when you’re doing the clams and hip thrusts.

thanks! :slight_smile: ill try out

The pre-exhausting makes it easier on the joints…

tomorrow is leg day… so my plan is looks like this >
Legpress 6sets(3 sets with high reps and 3 with low reps but heavy)
squats 6 sets (3 sets high reps and 3 sets with heavy weights)
hack squats 6 sets(medium weight).
Lunges 3 sets with small steps.
one leg split squats 3sets
and ending with 4 sets leg extensions.

“Sometimes i get knee pain as it feels like its blocking/stucks somewhere”

This guy has a torn meniscus, does he not? You need surgery to repair that. If you got it from a deficient ACL you probably have nasty arthritis there too. I have this same situation and I train legs with slow and heavy wide-stance powerlifting squats with knees pushing out. I never go past parallel. I also do leg extensions. Avoid any running, jumping, etc. Start taking fish oil. Good luck.

Why not try high volume? I suggest doing full squat 10s @ 10 sets, seated leg adduction machine 20s @ 5 sets, glute ham raise 10s @ 5 sets. Start at a light weight, above 50% of max

That is part of my legs’ training routine before. It’s effective for me at least