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Legs Routine For Intermediate-Advanced Lifter


Hi I have been lifting for almost 2 years. Here is my legs routine. I need some fresh ideas and I am wondering if I should increase my sets. I am wondering what you folks think. I don’t always follow this sometimes I listen to my body and just do what I feel like to do. But most of the time, these are basically what I do.

Routine 1 (Hamstring Focus):
Legs Extension 1x14, 1x12, 1x8
Hack Squat Machine (Focus on glutes & hams) 1x12, 1x8, 1x6
Seated Hamstring Curl 1x12, 2x8, 1x6
Calves Raise on Smith Machine 3x15

Routine 2 (Quad Focus):
Legs Extension 1x14, 1x12, 1x8
Legs Press 1x12, 1x8, 2x6
Lying Hamstring Curl 1x12, 2x8
Calves Raise with Dumbbells 3x15
Lunges with Dumbbells 2x12, 1x8

Routine 3 (Quad Focus):
Similar to Routine 2 but I just substituted Legs Press with Sumo Squats. I usually pick the heaviest/heavier dumbbell in my gym but it gives me a good pump but I feel that I can go heavier I am wondering if I should stop this.

Sumo squats if you aren’t familiar.

Oh yeah note that I cannot do barbell squats and deadlifts. I have moderate scoliosis. Don’t even argue to me to do them because I won’t. It hurts my back even with the lightest weight.


Seems fine to me. If the amount of volume gets a bit too overbearing, I would suggest adding some pounds and hacking off maybe two or three movements, if that ever happens. And for the heavier dumbell movements, maybe rotate between heavy, and moderate.


If you want bigger legs read john meadows articles on leg training.