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Legs-Push-Pull Plan, Opinions?

Below is the PPL plan I came up with. I didnt like the ones I found online because of lack of volume on push days, I felt my chest and shoulders were lagging. Cardio is rowing and running on days I can fit it in. What do you guys think?

Legs extensions // 4x10
Legs curls // 4x10
Squats // Follow plan
Deadlift // 3x6 / 3x3
Leg press // 4x10 / 3x6-8

DB flat bench // 3x8-10 / 2x6-8
DB incline bench // 3x8 / 2x5-7
DB shoulder press 4x10 / 2x8
Hammer machine decline press // 4x8-10
Chest flys // 4x10
Neutral grip shoulder press // 4x10
Front raises SS w/ Side raises
Rear delt flys
Tricep pushdowns

Weighted Pullups
DB rows // 2x8-10 / 3x6-8
Lat pulldowns // 4x10 / 2x8
Pendlay row // 4x10
Hammer horizontal row (close) // 3x8-10 / 2x6-8
Hammer high row // 4x8-10 / 2x6-8
Landmine // 4x8-10
Single arm rear delt cable raise
Bicep 1
Bicep 2

Leg extensions // 4x10
Leg curls // 4x10
Squat // Follow plan
RDL // 5x8
Calf raises

DB shoulder press or standing BB// 4x8-10 / 2x8-10
Side raises // 4x12-15
DB bench // 3x10 / 2x6-8
Hammer shoulder press 2x12-15 / 2x10 / 3-4x8
DB incline bench // 3x10 / 2x8
Arnold press // 4x10
I/Y/T // 4x10
Overhead tricep extension
Upside down KB press

Pull ups
Barbell rows // 2x10 / 3x5-8 / 2x3-5
Hammer lat pulldown // 4x8-10 / 2x6-8
Hammer low row // 3x8-10 / 2x6-8
Cable close grip row // 4x10
Hammer horizontal row (wide) // 3x8-10 / 2x6-8
T-bar // 4x810
Face pulls
Bicep 1
Bicep 2

I would say you’ve got quite a bit of volume already from the looks of your layout. What are your goals in particular? If I may ask?

Have you tried maybe looking for previously designed push/pull/ legs plans? Yours is way too much volume. On pull B for example there is 7 back exercises. I would recommend literary cutting the amount of exercises in half, keeping the compound lifts primarily.

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Yeah there’s zero reason to do five different row variations in a workout. Major redundancy and overkill.

Look up the kingbeef thread, -similar but better laid out and proven very effective

Your lower body work-outs are ok(ish) though, your upper body sessions are total over-kill in both volume & variation.