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Legs/ Push/ Pull for Strength and Mass?


I want to change my routine from a four day split:

To a 3 day Legs/push/pull split split
1.Squat 5x10,10,8,6,4
2.Deadlift 3x8-10
3.Bulgarian Squat 3x10
4.leg extension 3x10 to failure
5.reverse hyperextension 3x12
6.glute ham raise or leg curl 3x10
7.crunches/leg pull-in
Mon-Push (chest, shoulders, triceps)
1.BB/DB Flat Bench 5x10,10,8,6,4
2.BB/DB Incline Press 4x8-10
3.Lateral Raise 3-4x10
4.BB/DB overhead press 4x8-10
5.Weighted dip 3x10 to fail
6.overhead ext 3x10-8
7.V pushdown 2x10 to fail
Wed-Pull (back,rear delts, traps)
1.Pull up 3xrep out (1x overhand 1x underhand 1x neutral)
2.Barbell Row 5x 10,10,8,6,5
3.dumbell row 3x10
4.Face pull 3x10
5.BB/DB Shrug 3x10-8
6.Incline DB curl or barbell curl 3x10-8
7.EZ preacher curl or concentration curl 2x10

Does this seem like a solid plan for mass and strength gain, or am I going about this the wrong way? Help me!


Personally, I would move the deadlifts to back day right after the pullups, and maybe switch off the BB and DB rows every week. You can then super set the face pulls with the shrugs if you like. I have a hard time hitting chest and shoulders properly on the same day, but that's just me. You could always move shoulders to leg day. Try it and see what works for you. Don't be afraid to mix things up a bit until you settle on something that works for you.