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Legs Point Out, Weak Adductors?


Is having your knees and feet point out while sitting in a chair and walking a sign of weak adductors? As long as i can remember my knees and feet have pointed outward at about a 45 degree angle while walking, sitting in a chair, and when i sleep. If I am sleeping on my back then my feet are pointed outward at an angle. Also while sitting in a chair my thighs point out at an angle even if i keep my feet pointed straight ahead.

I first noticed this about a year ago while looking at someone sitting down right in front of me. The individual was somewhat tall maybe 5'10" and while sitting down I noticed both his thighs and feet pointing straight forward and mine outward at an angle. When I tried to have mine straight also is felt somewhat difficult.


Funny but we discussed this in massage therapy school. I believe its from too tight glutes (not in a good way) tight tensor fasciae late. In turn your adductors could be weak. Best thing would be to get massage done in those areas and foam roll.


Or it could just be your individual anatomical deviations.

Next time you are in a crowd, look around at several people and see how they stand walk or sit. You will see plenty of variations. Some are pigeon-toed, some are knock-kneed, some are bow-legged, some walk like ducks. Some stand like horses (back sagging belly out) some stand like drill sargeants (straight as a rail) etc etc.


I wouldn’t worry about it honestly. I’ve watched many people walk, everyone does it differently. A lot of people have feet/toes point out to various degrees. I’ve always walked and stood with my feet pointing outwards. Pretty sure many athletes have this as well.