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Legs. Overdoing It?


Lol ty. Appreciate it


it might be beneficial if people had a general idea what you do on legs reps/sets and actual weight


Okay. Lately I either work up to my max, or work down from it (squat.) My max is 170 lbs (ik, I’m weak af) but I can only rep that out maybe 2 or 3 reps while still keeping relatively good form; idk my ORM because I don’t have a spotter, but it’s safe to say the heaviest Ive lifted is 170. Here’s a sample workout that I posted at an earlier forum:

Friday: legs
Back squat 4x8 (160 pounds)
Back squat 2×20 (100 pounds)
Seated leg raises 3×6-8 (80 pounds)
Seated leg raises (60 pounds to failure)
Body weight one-leg squats as much as I can (about 10 each leg)
Go back to squat rack and try and hit as heavy as I can (180 for 2 maybe)

What I do rn has some differences but really isn’t too different at least in terms of intensity. But this is a good example of a general workout for me.


Basically rn I cut out everything else and focus only on squat- highering sets, reps, and overall intensity to replace my other exercises


But it burns me out, especially when I increase weight, and try to hit prs


for clarification again …your saying your one rep max is 170 correct? Or is that the most you have done for a given amount of reps. The reason I ask is…

so your saying you do 4 sets of 8 reps with 160lbs. ?


I can do 170 for a few reps with still keeping form. I have done 180-185 in the past but that is pushing it- I haven’t even tried beyond that because it starts to become impossible to maintain good form (plus I’m scared of not getting the weight up.) It’s hard to tell what my true “max” is, especially without a spot, but I was just trying to give you an idea of the heaviest I can generally do while still maintaining good form and reasonable rep range. I hope I answered ur question I’m a bit confused. 160 is technically my max- in terms of being able to ensure proper form. From there I cant guarantee perfect form. Basically I don’t correctly correlate my maxes with how much is on the bar, but how much I can do with optimal form. That should help


Actually ya sorry, shouldve been more clear first time around


Here is my two cents for what ever it is worth

Do you squat in a rack?
Hope it helps…


Okay. Ya when I do something like that where I drastically switch up my weight and reps it’s either a feel thing, or trying to switch things up to “shock” my muscle. Yup I said it. Deep down I know it’s not the most logical/optimal thing to be doing. And no unfortunately, I don’t have a rack. I have a cheap bench that I also use when squatting- have no other choice. I practically have to do a good morning after every set putting the weight back down (Don’t have access to a gym.) Thank you for your help truly, and that goes for everyone else on this thread as well.


Just catching up here… it seems you have a little bit of an issue with how you perceive your body. And that’s common around here; we’re all generally tougher on ourselves.

I just wanted to point out that you have a very proportional body right now. You even have the X shape meaning your legs and shoulders are your widest point with everything tapering in between. That’s an awesome physique to start with at your age!

A lot of people talk bout the tapered V shape for upper body but it’s even tougher to reverse the taper from your abdomen/waist to your legs. You have that going now and it’s not easily achieved.

In regards to definition, I’ve noticed that some of the guys on here who are prepping for shows mention that leg training causes inflammation and it reduces the definition. They cut out all leg training leading up to a show so the inflammation goes away and they’re left with the shredded, vain popping look that everyone loves.

Unless you’re stepping on a stage in a speedo, don’t worry about the definition too much. We can see the separation between the different quad muscles now and I think that’s a good look to have day in and day out.


Wow. That’s very motivating, flattering to say the least. I am proud with my physique for my age and circumstances- not quite to the extent at which you seem to be seeing it- but I’m for the most part happy. What u say is true; I don’t think I will ever be fully happy with my training and physique, but I’ll keep in mind what you are saying, and use it. Thanks for the insight.


That’s only RIGHT before a show though, right? Like a week out at most? I can’t imagine this being the case for a longer period of time, any training-related swelling should dissipate rather quickly.


Yes. A week or two out at most just to let them heal up and eliminate any inflammation. By that point it’s all about drying out and getting the stage look.